There is still plenty growing in the Prep garden at the moment – not least, sadly, plenty of weeds! Or, as we like to call them, plants growing in the wrong place. Having been put off by residentials, trips to Haigh Hall and torrential rain, our new bunch of Gardening Club members finally got to grips today with tidying up our plot. As we move into the winter season, we will be looking to get our garden winter ready but also planting some crops that will not mind the cold weather over the winter.

If you would like to help us, we are looking to use the It’s Good to Grow scheme from Morrisons supermarket to collect tokens for our school garden so that we can update some of the tools we use. All Prep parents should have received an email from the school today about this, and there are more details on the attachment below.

Keep an eye on the blog to see how our garden develops throughout the year!

Gardeners get to grips with ‘plants growing in wrong places’

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