Prep V stroll to the riverbank…

Last week, Prep Five escaped the excitement of Christmas for an afternoon to consolidate our geography topic on rivers with a stroll in the woods. We were extremely grateful to Mr Grant for his expertise and enthusiasm, and to Mrs Seward for accompanying us. Here are some extracts from our recounts.

Hurrying, we set off for Worsley Woods so we could study the stream – we felt ecstatic! The whole class went with colourful wellies and school coats. Excited, we plodded along and on the way we saw a lake which was artificially made for the Duke of Bridgewater.
We saw beautiful tall swans which were white as snow and brown ducks. Afterwards, we were allowed to paddle in Kempnough Brook, which was freezing cold. I collected fabulous fragments of brilliant pottery and kept them! Next we saw lots of river features including a bird’s eye view of a marvellous meanders, terrific tributaries and amazing erosion. Erosion is where the fast powerful flow of the river hits against the bank to wear it away. Also, we
saw deposition, where the river drops its heavy load of sticks, sand, mud and dead grass. Thea

Last week we walked to Kempnough Brook because we wanted to see the features of a river. Firstly, we talked about what we might see. Excitedly, Prep Five set off and on the way we saw a money tree. We walked under the 62 metre wide motor way bridge where there was lots of echoes! Suddenly we arrived at the first feature, a tributary. After that we saw some meanders which were very wide. After that Mr Grant said we could wade in the water because there were old pieces of pottery. I found two colourful ones which were blue and white. Afterwards we set off back to school. We marched on the high path and saw a meander again. From this point it looked like a snake.           Matteo

Recently, Prep five went on a geographical trip to Kempnough Brook. Firstly, we stopped at the little lake with all the ducks. After that, we started to venture deeper into the mysterious woods. Through the echoing tunnel we went, and everyone was screaming with excitement. Later we calmed down and carried on walking. We found a river carrying its load. It was littered with old tree trunks, bits of mud and dead grass. Time passed by
and we went into the stream with all sorts of artefacts floating around. We all scavenged for the Victorian goods lurking, waiting to be found…. Up some steep stairs we went and we could see a full fed meander – it was beautiful! We strolled back to the starting point with the quacking ducks and everyone was singing the “Duck Song”. It was music to everyone’s ears! A spectacular time was had by all and we would all want to experience it again because “the best way to learn is experience.”    David 

Have you ever been to Kempnough Brook? My class and I did on Tuesday. We were looking at the features of a stream because they are similar to the features of a river. We saw the confluence of another little stream joining the brook. It was dirty and brownish orange because it was carrying its load of mud, rocks, sand and branches. Prep Five
strolled on and as it was not too deep, people with wellies could go in and find pieces of Victorian pottery.  Aysha

Excited, Prep Five set off for Worsley Woods to observe Kempnough Brook because we have been learning about rivers in geography and we wanted to escape the classroom for a while. Firstly we walked through an echoing dark tunnel with graffiti on it. Afterwards we reached a confluence which is where two rivers join. Next we looked on some meanders from a bird’s eye view and carried on adventuring deeper and deeper into Worsley Woods.
Surprisingly, our teachers let us paddle in the stream where fragments of china and pottery lurked from two hundred years ago.   Hari

I found bits of crystal, some old fragment of china and some pottery. Emma found a huge piece of pottery as big as your palm! Unexpectedly, Joe’s wellingtons filled up with water and so did Yasmeen’s. They were so full that they had to clamber out. Joe hauled himself out onto the bank, emptied his boots and almost dived back in again and splashed everyone…. I think this mini trip to the woods helped me understand rivers more and at the same time I had lots of fun.  Anya

Mr Grant told us a lot of interesting information. Moaed and I saw a fox while he was talking.   Tobias

Despite the fact that we were tired and exhausted, Prep Five were thrilled to unlock the mysteries of Kempnough Brook…  Alia

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13 Responses to Prep V stroll to the riverbank…

  1. Mia says:

    I loved that afternoon out I found great pottery pieces


  2. Yasmeen says:

    The trip was so much fun! I wish we could go on it again! And we even found Victorian pottery remaining.


  3. Alia says:

    I my favourite part during this activity was hunting for old pieces of pottery from an old rail way track that is now part of a river I also enjoyed the part where I got to see sections of a river I had never seen before and I learned some new things


  4. Juliette says:

    This trip was great I found out that you could find pottery in rivers


  5. thomas says:

    this trip was really good because we saw all the parts of the river


  6. allegra turton says:

    A river has many features like meanders ,erosion,confluence,tributary ,especially Kempknough brook


  7. Dravid says:

    Afterwards we went on a scavenger hunt for victorian artifacts in the stream we also noticed a whole load of litter.


  8. Emma says:

    On Tuesday we walked to the and stampeded to the stream and we saw the ducks and carried on .Suddenly we saw a monstrous tree was there and it was covering the stream from caring on.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh, it was so fun, I remembered when we got to jump in Kempnough it was ama


  10. Hari says:

    This trip was awesome we leaned so much about rivers


  11. tobias says:

    This trip was amazing!! I would definitely go again.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Coming back from lunch Prep five set of Kempnough Brook .They decided to go there because they were wanted to experience what a real river is like because they were learning about rivers. Firstly Prep five ventured until they came across a lake with ducks and swans .


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