Prep V travel back in time

Prep  Five travelled back in time this week when they took part in a Victorian workshop led by Del Bannister. Firstly, we experienced a Victorian schoolroom, where we focused on the three R’s: Reading, (W)riting and (A)rithmetic. We tried our hand with dip pens, which was challenging, but not as tricky as adding money in pounds, shillings and pence, which we did on slates. Some of us are still not sure about those farthings….!

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Anya tried the dunce’s cap for size after a disastrous attempt at ten times ten, while David experienced finger stocks, the punishment for fiddling and not paying attention. Slouching was punished by the back straightener, which Toby tested – the rest of the class hastily sat up straight and remembered take elbows off the tables and put hands behind their backs.

It was a relief when pupil teacher Miss O’Neill rang the bell for playtime, although we all had to bow our heads and pass pupil teacher Miss Andrew’s head lice inspection before we filed out.

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