Salford Cross Country League Round 2 – Buile Hill Park

The cross country Gods were out in force on Saturday morning, as they summoned up all the worst weather they could find to make conditions for cross country as harsh as possible! The twenty runners who braved the conditions and persuaded parents to bring them along in the cold wind and driving rain, cannot be praised enough for doing so. The commitment from runners to tackle the course and the support from parents to be there to encourage their youngsters, was an absolute pleasure to witness.

First to tackle the 1000m course at Buile Hill Park, was Prep 3/4 boys. The 9-30am start caught out Craig, who missed the race, but courageously stayed around to run in the Prep 5/6 race later on. One of the stories of the day was the improved performance on the last outing by Luca (34) and Sebastian (49), with both boys showing tremendous enthusiasm and running superbly. However, it was the bravery of Thomas that was typify so many of the Bridgewater runners, as he lost his trainers in the mud half way round, but carried on in his socks to complete the course!

Thomas was to set a bit of a trend for losing trainers and running in socks, as this happened to Anya in the next race! Once again, despite the muddy and cold conditions, Anya too carried on and finished in an impressive 25th. The Prep 3/4 girls brought the most runners to the event for the second time and this is an excellent achievement that is very much appreciated. First home was Allegra who made a big leap into 23rd, followed by Yasmeen (44), Evie (47), Jasmine (75), Mollie (76) and Beatriz (114).

Next up was Prep 5/6 boys, with Craig running from Prep 4. Amazingly, Craig was the third Bridgewater runner to lose their footwear and to carry on in Zola Budd style! Ethan from Prep 6 showed his experience by taping his boots up prior to the race and he raced home in an impressive 16th place. Daniel was close behind in 19th, which meant that both boys received an honorary certificate for placing in the top 20. Archie (31) and Matthew (29) also came home in very respectable positions, which means that the boys will move right up the leaderboard in the team event.

The final race of the winters day was left to the Prep 5/6 girls. Jess was determined to get a top 20 finish this time round and that is exactly what she did! Jess ran home in 19th, followed brilliantly by Evie (39), Freya (63) and Florence (65) who took the honours for the biggest improvement from the first event. A special mention must also go to  Alice O Neil who is in Year 7 but ran today and at Bolton Road, to show support to her younger siblings and her school. A true role model indeed!

There are so many fantastic achievements from today’s cross-country. Conditions will certainly put many off from running today. Therefore, to see so many turn out to run for Bridgewater School was a real privilege to see. Credit and respect to each and every one of you today for running and to the parents too for their brilliant support. The next round takes place on Saturday 9th December, the pre- Christmas run, and I have ordered sunshine for you for the day!
Well done and thank you for a great morning of sport.

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