Quiz Club test their knowledge

During the course of the last two terms, children in the Prep. Department have testing their general knowledge in Mrs. Hadgianni’s weekly Prep. Quiz Club.  With all children from years 3 to 6 taking part in a selection quiz earlier in the year, Mrs. Hadgianni has been working with those who scored highest in order to have them represent the school in the national Quiz Club competition.  Last Friday, two teams travelled to Redcourt St. Anselm’s in Birkenhead to pit their wits against rival teams.  Our teams answered 40 general knowledge questions across a range of subjects in a tense affair that eventually saw our first team finish fourth, despite remaining in touching distance of the eventual winners throughout the event.  Well done to all the children who took part, who demonstrated not only great general knowledge skills but an excellent ability to work cooperatively as a team.  No finals this year, but well done on a super effort!

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2 Responses to Quiz Club test their knowledge

  1. star son says:

    That sounds really fun.


  2. Marie Hadgianni says:

    Mr Suter and I were so proud of you all. Well done!


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