Bridgewater Football Frenzy


It’s been a veritable football feast in Bridgewater today.  This morning, sixteen boys from Prep II and III travelled to the Manchester City training facilities to participate in the Under 8s Football Festival.  Split into two groups, both teams played four games against other schools from the north west.  The ‘A’ team proved to be the more competitive of the two, but both teams improved as the games went on.  There were no official winners, but every member of both teams gave their all and we had sixteen winners on the pitch.

This afternoon, it was the turn of Prep V and VI, as a squad of fourteen players travelled to Highfield Priory to play two games against their ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams.  This was our first competitive run out of the season, and both teams gelled well as they got used to playing together.  Charlie, Louis and Declan bagged four goals between them for the ‘A’ team to no reply, while Samuel scored a cracking equiliser to make it 1-1 before the ‘B’ team finally went down 3-1.

Thirty players out representing the school – a fantastic achievement from all concerned.

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6 Responses to Bridgewater Football Frenzy

  1. Emma says:

    It looks like they wun


  2. Tobias Mason says:

    I really enjoyed playing football and I had a great time!


  3. I had a fantastic time at Manchester city foot ball club.


  4. Harper Torkington says:

    I loved going to play football for my school. We had a great time and played really well.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures


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