On Friday 6th November 15 girls from Prep IV, V and VI headed out on the mini buses to lady Barn house School to play netball against their girls.  We did very well for our first fixture but they were a very good team and unfortunately we didn’t win.  I am sure that next time we will be much better.  We are training to pass the ball more often and get a bit better at shooting.  Hopefully in our next fixture we will win the match.

Every Friday the Prep Fusion is on at lunch time for Prep III, IV, V and VI.  At the moment, we are playing the Christmas song Winter Wonderland.  It’s very hard and fast but really fun.  We play at all the concerts except the Christmas play.  We also play lots of other fun songs.

For the Christmas play, we are doing “Alice in Wonderland”.  I was so excited when Miss Cary told me that I was playing Alice – but a lot of hard work came with it.  When I am practising it I feel really happy and excited.  The days we are performing are the 9th and 10th December.

Freya Melia

On Friday lunchtime we did cross country with Mr. Suter and Mr. Grant.  We did a fun obstacle course on a public playground in the woods.  There was a lot of mud and dirt.  We had to go under a net, and other people in our group had to help us.  Sometimes the teachers hand out pieces of paper, saying we can do races against other schools.  We do some of these races in the morning on the weekend.

In art, we have been making pictures of animal bones (they were clean).  We did these in charcoal and white chalk.  We had to draw the shadows on the bones and draw where the veins were.  It was an amazing experience.  I did a medium sized sheep’s brain.  Mr. Grant was doing it as well, we had to go around and see other people’s work.

In Music, we are practising songs from our show Alice in Wonderland which is happening in December.   My favourite song is “It’s Late” which is what the Rabbit sings with us in the play.  It is really fast.  The easiest song is “Silence in Court”.  Mr. Grant chose who we are in the show.  Some people are doing solos.  When we practice it is really fun.  Mrs. Sweeney plays the piano in practices and on the night, Mrs. Harcourt plays the piano in music lessons.

Amber Kneale


Street Child is a challenging book, although it is funny in places.  It’s about a boy in 1886 who gets sent to a work house and tries to escape.  His life carries on from that, but in the workhouse.  He makes a friend called Tip who is afraid to try to escape.  This is only the start of the book.  I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.

Games club is a club on Thursday afternoon for 30 minutes.  There are no games like Gooey Louis or Monopoly – you can also bring in thinking games like Battle Ships and Headbands.  The games are all provided, and the club is run by Alex, Finley and Jaydon.  It’s lucky that Mr. Rooney said it was a good idea for a club and encouraged us to do it.

Alex Cook


For this year’s Christmas play we are doing Alice in Wonderland, and I am the Cheshire Cat.  The Cheshire Cat is just a bodyless cat that smiles a lot.  When we are rehearsing the actors go to the drama studios and the rest go to the Old hall.  I have to keep running around to say my lines – I also have to be mad, obviously.

Every year we have a Maths Challenge and the teacher picks ten pupils to compete in it.  I was chosen to do the challenge and the questions are really hard.  There are 25 questions and you have to get 18 correct to enter the February test.  At the end of the year there are gold, silver and bronze medals.  We have never got into the February test.  Mrs. Davies will have our scores soon.

I play two instruments, which are the recorder and the piano.  Sometimes I get mixed up with the notes and play something different.  On Thursday we have a music lesson and we sing our Christmas songs with Mrs. Harcourt.  Since it is nearly Christmas I am learning ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas.’  They are quite easy to play.

Harvey Manning

I enjoyed the netball tournament against Lady Barn House School and making a model river in class.  I have joined the Environment Club where you pick up litter and then make things out of the litter.  It took ages but it was fun.  It is held on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are holding this year’s Christmas play Alice in Wonderland and I am really looking forward to it!  I am playing a black card in the play.

Miss Cary is starting scrabble and Pictionary Club in Prep V and I am really enjoying it.  I went to Fleetwood to run in a race and I came 74th out of 100 people.  It was really tiring but fun at the same time.  In class, I really enjoyed making poppies in remembrance of all the soldiers who died in war.  I am reading Street Child in class.  It is a moving story about a boy named Jim who suffers in the workhouse.  Miss Gill is holding a reading competition for the number of books you read.  Freya and Declan have already got 50 reads.  I can’t wait until I get up to 50 reads.

Emilia Walsh

I am looking forward to the basketball tournament in two weeks time.  I hope to join it.  It’s going to be really fun as it is my favourite sport.

The Environment Club was started by me, David, Michael and Zykiah.  We are the staff.  If any one wants to join, they should come and see me.  It is on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We pick up litter, but then make things out of the litter.  We hold it in the library and there is a competition every week.

We have started doing a Christmas play, Alice in Wonderland.  I’m the Owl.  I really wanted to audition because I like acting on stage.  I auditioned for a main part and luckily got one!  We have to learn our lines in four and a half weeks.  I’ve pretty much learnt all my lines.  The reason we are doing Alice in Wonderland for the Christmas play is because it has been out for more than a hundred years.

Reyna Kohli

The new Environment Club has just started.  Prep 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all welcome, but on different days.  The Environment Club is where you pick up litter to save the animals.  We found a dead mouse in a bottle on 3rd November!

There is a new basketball tournament that will start on 26th November.  We all know that Bridgewater are the reigning champions of basketball.  Cheer for Bridgewater!

My favourite lesson so far was the WW1 battlefield drawings.  We used charcoal, oil pastels and pencils.  The style we used was Paul Nash.  Paul Nash painted miserable, fantastic battlefields.  People didn’t like the paintings, they wanted Germans being bombed, not Britain.  Now everyone loves these paintings.

Michael Celino

The Environment Club is a club that Reyna and me started.  They go around the field picking up litter.  At the moment they have to do it on the adventure playground because the field is too wet.  It is still fun.

We are going to do a Christmas play called Alice in Wonderland.  I am playing the Mad hatter because I am mad.  I have fun practising my lines and acting.  I could do a solo song but I am too embarrassed and I am a really bad singer.

Also, I do football club, where you play football to get into a team.  I suggest all people who love football should attend.

David Celino

This term I’ve enjoyed going to Manchester City to play a football tournament but we didn’t win, we played four matches and lost on goal difference.   I’m also looking forward to doing the play, even though I haven’t got a part yet.  This term I have done cross country which is one of my biggest interests.  This week, because it was too slippery we went to a park in the woods and did an assault course, which I got really muddy from.

There is a new club called the Environmental Club which has already started, although I don’t do it.  They found a dead mouse in a bottle which is a good reason why they are doing it.

When it comes to academic subjects, my favourite subject is history because we are learning about WW1 and WW2 and I always look forward to the lessons.  These past few weeks I have missed all the art sessions because I’ve been doing the Primary Maths Challenge and this Friday was the actual test.

Sam Townson

There have been five excellent new clubs.  There is an Environment Club, where the children go round and collect rubbish and make posters out of it.  There is also a cheerleading club, which Miss Stagles does.  Last Friday, 6th November, there was a netball match.  We lost, but did score three shots.  The netball club are practising really hard to win their next match.  There was also a scrabble club with Miss Cary which is good fun, and also a cross country club on Friday with Mr. Grant, Mr. Suter and Mr. Rooney.

I also did fencing with Valentina, my best friend in Prep VI.  First they had to tap each other on the head with the sword.  It was such fun, I really wanted to go again but I started cheerleading club which I liked better and so now I do that.

Siobhan Hanrahan


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