EYFS school closure activities and messages

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Who’s ready for PE today? Joe Wicks will be starting his lesson at 9am on YouTube. Grown ups, don’t forget you can join in too!

Dublin Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo have live cameras set up so that you can see the animals on your computer or tablet.



Your challenge today, KG and Reception, is to draw one of the animals you can see on the cameras then ask your grown up to help you Google them and find out an interesting fact. You could find out what country they’re from or what they like to eat, anything!

We can’t wait to see who can complete the challenge!

Enjoy another sunny day in your garden.

Have a great weekend everybody, be good for Mummy and Daddy!

Speak to you on Monday!

Your Teachers xx

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning Kindergarten & Reception!

Are we all ready for PE at 9am with Joe Wicks again? We’ve seen that some of you are even wearing your school PE kits to do it in 💙

Let’s do some work with numbers today. Ask your grown up to help you register for some fun maths here

This is all free and it’s easy to find activities for your age.

We are so lucky to be having such lovely weather! Can you make an assault course or circuit in your garden? You can use balls, bats, trampolines, slides, anything at all! Have fun!

Maybe ask Mummy or Daddy if you can help to make your own lunch today. Can you make a sandwich? Think about what ingredients you’ll need to make it and pop some photos of you making it on Tapestry.

Stay safe, stay at home and keep washing your hands!

Your Teachers xx

PS. Just in case anyone is worried about what is going on in the world, here’s a link to a child friendly story explaining all about it here

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning!

Has anyone been joining in with the PE lessons on YouTube with Joe Wicks? Let’s see how many of you can do the lesson with him today at 9am. Mummy & Daddy, you can join in too!  PE with Joe

Don’t forget to practice writing your name again today. Practicing everyday will make sure that you get really good at it and will soon be able to write lots of other words too.

Reception Class, make sure you’re writing your first name and your last name.

Today is going to be another sunny day so let’s get outside into the garden and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a go at this scavenger hunt and see how many different things you can find.

Have a go at one of the counting games on TopMarks. There are lots to choose from and lots will work on a tablet as well as a computer, your grown up might have to help you work out which are ‘tablet friendly’.

We’d love to see your paintings or drawings of rainbows too. Let your grown ups know that they can email pictures of these to:

suterl@bwslive.co.uk or


and we’ll put the pictures on the blog & school Facebook page 🌈

Look after each other, we’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you’re all okay and staying safe at home with your grown ups.
Thank you to everyone who has uploaded photographs and videos of your different activities to Tapestry. They are fantastic! We love to see the learning you’re doing at home so keep uploading!

Practice your names again this morning, remembering to hold your pencil correctly using Tommy Thumb, Peter Pointer and Toby Tall – Ruby Ring and Baby Small go to sleep. (Mummy/Daddy, Google ‘tripod pencil grasp’ if you’re unsure.)

Choose one activity from your work pack, your choice!

Next we have a challenge for you! Choose a jigsaw and ask your grown up to time you as you complete it. How long did it take you?
Have a second go, ask your grown up to time you again. Can you beat your time?

There are also fantastic jigsaw puzzle apps that Mummy or Daddy might be able to help you download onto a tablet.

When you choose your bedtime story tonight, see if you can find out who the author and illustrator are. Can you tell Mummy or Daddy what an author and an illustrator do?

We’ll speak to you tomorrow, stay safe everyone!

Your Teachers xx


Good Morning Kindergarten & Reception!

First of all, we would like you to practice writing your name. Please try to practice this everyday. Once you’ve done that, have a look through your work packs and choose two activities to complete today. Can you also build a model using your choice of construction? Lego, Duplo, or anything else you like.

Ask your grown up to upload a photograph of your activities to Tapestry – Miss Armstrong can help with Tapestry!

Don’t forget to play in your garden if you can & do something active, such as: star jumps, trampoline bounces, etc. Videos of any exercise you do today can be uploaded onto Tapestry too!

Your Teachers xx


Dear EYFS Parents,

Whilst we are not in school today, please encourage your child to practice writing their name – Reception Class children can write their surnames too.

Also, use a tablet or computer to complete an activity or two on https://www.phonicsbloom.com

KG children, look at Phases 1 & 2
Reception Class children, look at Phases 2-4

If there are any issues with this, please contact Miss Armstrong via email:

Any observations/photos can be uploaded onto your child’s Tapestry account – please contact Miss Armstrong with any issues regarding Tapestry.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time.