EYFS school closure activities and messages

Prep I Induction for Parents

Prep I Induction 2020



Home learning week beginning 6.7.2020

Good morning Early Years!

Well here it is, our last remote learning blog post. Our last week of the school year is here… and what a strange end to the year it is!

Your teachers are all so so proud of how brilliantly you have engaged in the tasks and activities we’ve set. Despite having to learn in a very different way, your hard work has meant that we’ve been able to give some wonderful assessments via Tapestry.

We’ve got some fun activities planned for this week for you all.

Reception Class

  • What has been your favourite thing about Reception Class? Do you have a memory of something really fun that you’ve done in class since September? Write a few sentences about you favourite memory.


  • Just like Reception Class, we’d love to know if you have a favourite memory of Kindergarten? Upload a video to Tapestry of you telling us about your favourite KG memory, we can’t wait to hear them!

Kindergarten, Mrs Pritchard will be reading the story on Tuesday as your induction day for Reception Class. Keep an eye out for the Zoom invitation, it will be at our usual story time of 2pm.

We are sending packs out in the post for you to work on over the summer. In addition to these, if there are any activities from the last blog posts that you didn’t get chance to do, or any that you’d like to do again, these blog posts will of course still be available. Don’t forget all of those messy play ideas we’ve given you too, as well as the websites we’ve mentioned. Keep reading too!

Thank you all for a wonderful year. We’ve had so much fun teaching you all and watching you all develop and learn. Have a fantastic summer, have lots of fun and stay safe!

We’ll miss you all but can’t wait to see you very soon!

Lots of love,

Your Teachers xx

Head Boy and Head Girl Election

Here are the election videos from our current Prep V children who would like to be Head Boy or Head Girl next year.

Those children who are in school will get to vote in school.  For those at home, Mr. Rooney will be emailing voting details to you.


Induction to Prep I for Reception children

Good morning Reception Class!

Here are two videos from Mrs. Davies to introduce you to Prep I, which will be your new class in September.  There’s also an activity for you to try.

Mrs Davies and Mrs Seward can’t wait to see you in September xx






‘We’ve found this extremely useful link for parents which explains Early Years teaching and learning.


Hopefully, this information will be helpful during this time.’

Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning Kindergarten and Reception!

How are you all? We hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.

We can’t believe that this is our last full week of school before the summer holidays. We can’t wait to welcome you all back to school very soon!

We had planned the topic this week with the hope that the weather would be lovely, however it’s looking like a rainy week! We decided to stick with the topic though, maybe it’ll help you to feel summery and ready for the nicer weather that we’re sure is on its way back soon!

Has anyone guessed the topic?

This week, it’s … the seaside!

We have planned some fun activities for you all to enjoy…

Reception Class

  • Write a list of things that you would need to take to the beach with you.  Think about what you’d need to wear, what you might want to play with you’re there, etc.
  • Think carefully about rhyming words for these seaside themed words. Write as many as you can for each word.


  • Complete this sorting activity.  Only pack the clothes that you will take to the beach, imagine it’s a hot and sunny day.

  • Have a go at painting a seaside picture. Think carefully about the colours that you’ll need to use. If you don’t have paints at home, don’t worry! You can use wax crayons, colouring pencils, felt tips, anything you have.

Activities for Both Classes

  • Have a go at designing an outfit to wear at the seaside on a hot, sunny day.

  • Read the words (KG, ask a grown up to help you). Can you make the correct changes to the pictures?


  • If you have a sandpit or sand tray at home – and there’s a break from the rain, have fun playing in there. Explore full and empty using sand (you can use various sized containers to do this), make sandcastles, use your finger to mark make or write in the sand (this works best with damp sand).
  • Don’t forget to keep working hard in all areas of your learning. Doing a little bit of everything each day will really help your brains to grow. Read books (and/or ebooks), practise writing (your name, seaside themed words, anything at all!), build, paint, colour, go for a walk or bike ride, play board games.
  • Can you think of any books you have read or heard about the seaside? We’d love to see a video of you telling us about it. Can you tell us the title and author? Who are the characters in the story?
  • Here are some yoga stories for you to have a go at too:





Have a fantastic week everybody!

We hope this topic helps you to feel summery even on the rainy days this week!

Speak soon!

Your Teachers xx

Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020

Good morning to you all!

We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day.

Once again, thank you to you all for your hard work last week. We can see that so many of you enjoyed our Wild Animals topic and your teachers are so impressed with everything that we’ve seen on Tapestry.

We have another new topic for you this week … Transport!

We’ve been busy planning some fun activities for you to engage in at home, we look forward to seeing you enjoying these!

Reception Class

  • Write a little story about a journey you have been on – or use your imagination to make one up! The journey can be in a car, on an aeroplane or a train, a boat … if you’re making up a story, maybe you can write about a hot air balloon or a rocket. Anything you like. Remember capital letters, fullstops, and finger spaces. Also remember that stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. You can draw a picture to go with your story too. Take your time with this task and do your best work. Enjoy!


  • Have a go at writing some labels for different vehicles. Make sure you’re holding your pencil correctly and form the letters correctly. Choose one or two vehicles to have a go at drawing a picture of too and colour them in. Think about how many wheels the vehicle you’ve chosen has, or does it not have any? Does it have wings? What colour will you choose to colour it in?

Activities for Both Classes

  • Build a junk model vehicle (or more than one!). Ask Mummy and Daddy to save you any boxes or packaging before it goes into the recycling bin and use glue or tape to join it together. You can even paint it when it’s stuck together to finish it off. If you haven’t got any materials to use for junk modelling, don’t worry, you can use any construction you have at home: Lego, Duplo, K’Nex, etc.
  • When you go out for a walk with your family, count how many cars you see and make a note of the colours (there’s a chart to help with this under here). You can also count how many different vehicles you see: motorbikes, ambulances, fire engines, bicycles, etc.
  • Watch or read the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy (here’s a link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn73STXrPP0) Imagine you have a cardboard box that you can fit inside. What vehicle would you pretend your cardboard was? Where would you go in it? You don’t need to write this down, we’d love to see a little video of you talking about this.
  • Remember to keep looking at the websites we’ve given you as well practising accurate counting and number writing, practise writing your name (KG), do some painting, make playdough, do some baking, help Mummy or Daddy to write the shopping list, help to make lunch or dinner/tea. All of these fun activities helps you to develop lots of amazing skills and ensures that you’re all working towards Early Learning Goals.
  • The weather forecast for the week is looking good so make sure that you enjoy the outdoors. Play in your garden, go for a walk, ride your bike or scooter. Enjoy the sunshine – make sure you wear sun cream and a hat to keep yourselves safe!

Messy Play

  • Playdough recipe:

2 cups plain flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water

Food colouring

1tbsp vegetable oil (add a little more if needed)

This can be an excellent activity to allow children to explore texture and how it can be changed. If their mixture is too dry, what can they add? If their mixture is too wet, what can they add?

  • Gloop:

Cornflour (a box or packet)

Water (add a little bit at a time to get the consistency you want, don’t make it too runny)

Food colouring

This is best in a deep rimmed tray and explored in an area that is easy to wipe/clean/mop. Outside is ideal.

  • ‘Kinetic Sand’/‘Moon Sand’:

8 cups plain flour

1 cup baby oil (vegetable oil if you have younger children at home)

We haven’t had chance to make this at school yet but we are told this works and is lots of fun!


We hope that you all have a great week. Stay safe, work hard. We’ll speak to you all again very soon!

Your Teachers xx

Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning Early Years!

We hope that you’re all well and have enjoyed the weekend!

We saw that our Science Week went down really well, so many of you thoroughly enjoyed the practical experiments we set you and completed the extra activities around those experiments too. Some of you even made up your own experiments which was fantastic to see. Well done to everyone!

Remember that when you upload your work and activities to Tapestry, your teachers are able to, not only assess what you’ve done, but also give you individual targets and next steps to help to support your learning. We are able to see where each of you need challenging further or are needing some extra support, just like we do in school. We like to make this remote learning as individual as we can and Tapestry is the best way for us to be able to do this.

This week’s topic is Wild Animals!

Chester Zoo has been in the news recently so we thought that this topic would be particularly, well, topical!  Chester Zoo have a section on their website with activities for children of all ages that can easily be completed at home.

Here is the link:


Have a go at the shadow drawing activity.  Use any model animal you have at home, position it on your paper with a light/lamp/torch behind it and carefully draw around the shadow.  We think this activity looks like really good fun and is fantastic to help you with drawing skills and pencil control.  Try a few different animals.

Try the other activities on the Chester Zoo site too!  You can also use their website to research and learn about the various different animals that live there.

We would like both classes to choose 2 or 3 animals to research.

Reception Class, Mrs Pritchard would like you to write a few sentences about each animal you choose.  Whereabouts in the world do they come from?  What do they eat?  Draw pictures of your chosen animals too.  In addition to this, Mrs Pritchard would also like you to look at subtraction.  Use anything as counters, pencils, toy cars, buttons, OXO cubes, anything at all.  Look at and explore one less, two less, etc.  There are also some sheets looking at subtraction at the bottom of the blog.

Kindergarten, Miss Armstrong would like you to draw a picture of your animals too, use the correct colours to colour them in.  Make sure you’re practicing to write your name every day and have a go at writing some numbers too.  As above, use any counters you like and count accurately to a given number.

Here are reminders of the websites we’ve given you:




On the two phonics websites, Reception Class should be looking at activities from Phases 2 upwards and Kindergarten Phases 1-3.

On TopMarks, Reception Class should have a go at Maths games under Early Years and KS1, and Kindergarten should look at the Maths games under Early Years.

Here are some extra activities for both classes…

We look forward to seeing lots of you enjoying these activities on Tapestry!

Don’t forget to keep reading, you can choose books at home or use the Oxford Owl ebooks (www.oxfordowl.co.uk). Kindergarten should be looking at pink level, Reception Class should be looking at red level to begin with.

Please continue to complete jigsaw puzzles, practise writing and pencil control, use Lego, Duplo, etc to build and construct, draw and paint pictures.

Stay safe everybody.

Speak soon!

Your Teachers xx


Week beginning Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning!

We hope you all enjoyed Healthy Eating week last week.  We saw lots of great work; writing, sorting and smoothie making so a HUGE well done to you all!

We have a new topic for you this week …

Science Week!

We have been busy researching some fun experiments for you to have a go at.  We hope that you enjoy them, maybe you’ll be able to think of some other experiments you’d like to try too?  We look forward to seeing you engaging in these activities on Tapestry.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got all of the items needed in your house, we have included as many experiments as we can that need items that you are likely to have in your cupboards.


Dancing Raisins

Lava Lamp

Fireworks in a Glass

Rainbow Glass

Bubbling Magic Potions


For this experiment, you will need:

1 packet of Skittles

Warm water

A white plate

Arrange the Skittles around the edge of the white plate (make a pattern with them if you can!), pour enough warm water to cover the plate and the Skittles (it’s best to add a little then a little more, than too much all at once).  Then watch as a rainbow appears on your plate!

Extra Activities

Reception Class

 – Write about each experiment you try.  What did you like best about it? What happened?

 – Mrs Pritchard would also like you to have a go at counting with 10s and adding units.  Here is a great interactive game for you to have a go at:


Each rod/stick is worth 10 and the small blocks are worth 1 each.

Here’s another tens and units game:


Here are some sheets to complete on tens and units too…


  • Write some labels for your experiments.  We don’t expect sentences in Kindergarten, but have a go at writing a list of what you needed for your favourite experiment.
  • Here is a number recognition game, you can either concentrate on numbers 1-10 or 1-20, depending on how confident you are with your numbers.


Here are some sheets too…

We hope you enjoy Science Week, keep your eyes on your emails for a Zoom invitation for story time with your class teacher.

Have fun, stay safe!

Your Teachers xx


Week beginning Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning Kindergarten and Reception!

We hope that you’re all well and have had a lovely half term break; enjoying the sunshine, having fun with your family and recharging your batteries ready for our last half term of the school year.

We are slightly changing how we are delivering the work as some children are returning to school but don’t worry, we’ll make sure that there are plenty of learning opportunities and activities for you all to get involved with and enjoy at home.

This week, our topic is going to be … Healthy Eating!

Here is your learning for this week:

Reception Class

  • Write out as many fruits and vegetables as you can! Remember to work independently, use your blends cards to help you and try your best to sound the words out. Some can be quite tricky but you can do it!
  • Help Mummy or Daddy to plan a healthy meal.  This could be breakfast, lunch or dinner/tea. Think about what healthy foods you like to eat and what will taste nice together. Also think about where these foods come from; an animal, plant, etc. Why are they healthy? Are they good for our bones, muscles, skin, etc. Once you have planned your meal, maybe you could help to make it too, with help from your grown up with sharp knives and hot ovens. We’d love to see videos/photos of this!
  • Choose five fruits and five vegetables and find out which is the most popular in your house, you could even call/video call grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and ask them to vote for their favourites too.  Write them out in a table and put a tick next to each fruit/vegetable for every vote it gets, a bit like this:
Fruit Votes
Apple ✅✅
Strawberries ✅✅✅
  • Keep practising your number bonds to 10, and working your way up to 20 once you have mastered each number.
  • Practise counting in 2s and 10s, forwards and backwards.
  • Keep reading, either books that you have at home.  They don’t have to be reading books, you can have a go at reading any story book you have at school. You can also use the ebooks available on www.oxfordowl.co.uk
  • Here are some Twinkl activities too:


  • Draw a picture of your favourite fruit and your favourite vegetable, and have a go at writing a label for each.  Mummy or Daddy can help you to sound the label out or can write it for you to copy, depending on how confident you are with your sounds.  Remember to hold your pencil properly; using your thumb and first two fingers, your other two fingers ‘go to sleep’.
  • Try some different fruits that you haven’t tried before, see what Mummy or Daddy can find at the supermarket and have a fruit tasting session just like we do in school. Have you found something new that you love?
  • Remember to keep practising your name – if you’re confident with your first name and can form the letters correctly, then have a go at writing your last name.  Take your time and perhaps concentrate on just one letter at a time.
  • Here are some Twinkl activities too:

Topic Activities for Both Classes

– Make a smoothie, Reception Class you can write your ingredients, see if Mummy or Daddy can guess which fruits you have used.

– Have a go at making a face using fruit and/or vegetables to have a snack or dessert. Here are some ideas…

Keep working hard on the websites we’ve given you too – PhonicsPlay, PhonicsBloom, TopMarks, etc.

We will be in touch with story time details soon!

Speak to you all soon,

Your Teachers xx

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning!

Wow, Friday already! This week has been very busy, thank you to you all for all of your hard work. It has been fantastic and we’ve been able to hand out so many housepoints!!

Here’s your learning for today…

Reception Class 

  • Mrs Pritchard would like you to write a few sentences about something that makes you happy. It can be anything you like! Someone, a game, a song, anything!
  • Mrs Pritchard would also like you to read an ebook, have a look on Oxford Owl (https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/)
  • Here are some phonic activities too.


  • We would like you to have a go at drawing a picture of something that makes you happy or a picture of you feeling happy. You can also have a go at writing a word or two telling us what it is that makes you happy. For example; my dog, cuddles, etc.
  • Here are some CVC activities for you to have a go at…

Extra activities

Have a wonderful half term, you all deserve a break! Enjoy the sunshine, stay safe. We’ll speak to you all very soon!

Lots of love,

Your Teachers xx

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning!

We hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and had lots of fun!

Reception Class, don’t forget that you have your Zoom story this morning so check your emails for the invitation. Your teachers can’t wait to see you there!

Here’s your work for today …

Reception Class

  • Mrs Pritchard would like you to write 2 or 3 sentences about something that scares you. Perhaps it’s one of the bugs we’ve looked at this week or something else?
  • Mrs Pritchard would also like you to do some mental maths today, concentrating on what two numbers make 10.

Extra Sheets for Reception Class


  • We would like you to go on a number hunt around your house or maybe even on a walk down your street or streets close by. Can you spot some big numbers?
  • If you haven’t completed the life cycle of a butterfly sheet in your work pack yet, have a go at that (I’ll pop an extra copy on here too if you would like to have another go). You can also, either watch a video of The Very Hungry Caterpillar or read the book if you have a copy at home.


Topic Work for Both Classes

  • Did any of you get chance to make a bug hotel yesterday following the instructions we put up on yesterday? We’d love to see if you did manage it. Don’t worry if not. We saw someone yesterday had built a home/hotel for bugs using Lego. You could also use Duplo, K’Nex, or any construction you have at home!
  • Have a go at painting a bug. Any that you like. Think about what colours you need to use, does it have legs, how many legs, does it have wings. Again, please don’t worry if you haven’t got paints. You can use wax crayons, colouring pencils, chalks. Anything!

Extra Work


Reception Class

Have a fantastic day everybody. Reception Class, we hope you enjoy your story time!

Speak to you all again tomorrow,

Your Teachers xx


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good Morning Everybody!


What a beautiful day we’re going to have, we’re sure you can’t wait to get outside into your gardens to enjoy the lovely sunny weather.

We’ve made sure that the learning we have set for today makes sure that you’re able to make the most of the sunshine!

Reception Class

  • Pretend you’re going on a picnic. Have a think about what you might take on your picnic with you. Write a list of everything you’d need. For example, for ham sandwiches you’d need: bread, butter, ham.
  • Here’s a link to a phonics game. In order to rescue the rocket, you have to look at the picture, identify what it is and type the word into the box. Take your time, think about your blends – maybe keep your blends cards in front of you to help. Start on Phase 2 or 3 and then move up once you rescue all 10 pieces.



  • Fill a beaker, bucket or anything similar with water and use a paintbrush to experiment with writing/drawing/mark making with the water. You can do this on the floor outside, on a wall or a fence. Use large movements as well as small movements to explore this activity.
  • Here is a link to a PhonicsPlay memory game. Children may need some support to sound out some words.


Extra Activities

  • Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful weather. You can use this opportunity to revisit some of the activities we have already done such as: exploring capacity, floating and sinking, etc.

Reception Class, it’s your Zoom story tomorrow morning at 11am so check your email inboxes for the invitation!

Have a lovely day, enjoy!

We’ll speak to you all again tomorrow,

Your Teachers xx



Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning children, we hope that you’re all okay.

You are all working so hard, we’re so proud of you all!

Here’s your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • Write down 5 bugs that have wings and 5 bugs that don’t have wings. You may need to use Google to find out the names of some with wings, research is fantastic! Once you’ve done this, you can draw a picture of one or two from each category.
  • Here’s a link to some phonics for you, read the instructions carefully…



  • Here’s a link to a ladybird maths activity on Topmarks. Have a go at the 3 challenges on here; counting, matching and ordering.


  • Watch these video clips to learn about different bugs. Once you have watched, choose your favourite. Have a go at drawing your favourite, using a pencil to draw it and colouring pencils/crayons to colour it in. Make sure that you take your time with your colouring and try to stay in the lines. Don’t rush! You can also have a go at writing the name of your favourite bug.


Extra Activities

Enjoy these activities and get out into the garden as often as you can!

Kindergarten, it’s our Zoom story this morning so we’ll see you there at 11am.

Speak to you all tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

P.S. for an investigation activity this week you will need as many of these as you can find:



Monday 18th May 2020

Good Morning to you all!

We hope everyone has had a great weekend and that you have recharged your batteries ready for another busy and fun week!

Let’s start off with your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • Write a few sentences about your pet; tell us their name, what animal they are, what they eat, etc. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a pet, write about a pet you would like to have. Remember to work as independently as you can. Try your best to sound words out, use your blend cards for tricky words.
  • Count up to 20 then count back down to 0 – a video of this would be great for Tapestry.
  • Count to 100 in 10s and back down in 10s – again, a video would be great.


  • We’d love to see a short video of you telling us about your weekend. Did you do anything fun with your family? We would also love to see you having a go at writing a couple of words about your weekend. Not a sentence just some keywords, such as: ‘walk’, ‘bike’, ‘baking’. Ask your grown up to help you to sound it out or to write it for you then you try to write it underneath – a whiteboard might be easier for this.
  • Have a go at this fun game on PhonicsPlay, sound out the words (you might need help from a grown up) and click on the correct picture. Make sure you click on Phase 2 as that will include the sounds we’ve looked at in Kindergarten. You’ll need to use the login details provided on the website: username – march20 and the password: home. Here’s the link …


Topic for Both Classes

Our new topic this week is bugs and minibeasts. We have lots of fun activities planned for this week and we’ll be encouraging play and exploration outside. To start you off, here are some activities to introduce the topic …

  • Yoga. These yoga stories are fantastic and really good fun! Have a try at this brilliant bug themed Cosmic Yoga –


  • Here are some bug worksheets for you to have a go at …

Extra Play Ideas

Play is really important for EYFS children. Lots of encouragement to play with a variety of different toys at home: Lego, Duplo, jigsaw puzzles, trains, animals, dolls, etc etc. Join in with your children and enjoy but allow them to play alone too.

Creative and messy play activities are brilliant too and can cover lots of Areas of Learning.

  • Gloop – cornflour and water
  • Playdough
  • Water play
  • Sand play
  • Painting – use a variety of objects to paint with; brushes, sponges, cotton buds, sticks, leaves, almost anything!

Kindergarten, it’s story time tomorrow morning at 11am, email invitations will be sent out today.

Can you guess what story we might be reading? It’s about a bug/bugs and it is a Julia Donaldson story…

Have a great day everybody, we’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx


Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning Kindergarten and Reception!


What a fun and busy week we’ve had. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s topic. Well done to everyone for all of your hard work, you are all superstars!


Here is your learning for today…


Reception Class

  • Look at the rhyming Princess and Pirate names that you thought of yesterday and pick a favourite of each. Write a sentence about your favourite princess and a sentence about your favourite pirate. You can make the sentence as funny as you like!
  • Here are some interactive maths games from the Oxford Owl website for you to have a go at…



  • Here are a couple of blends for to you to learn and practice too…

  • Don’t forget to utilise the free content on Phonics Play – Reception Children should look at Phases 3 and higher.



  • Here are some CVC sheets for you to cut out and stick down in the correct order to make the words. Use the picture as a clue if you’re struggling. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer, these can be made just by writing the sounds on pieces of paper.

  • There are also activities available on PhonicsPlay, Kindergarten children should be working on Phase 1-2, working towards Phase 3. Have a go at the Buried Treasure Pirate game on there!


  • Here’s a fun game you can play with mummy or daddy, all you need is one or two dice (you decide!). Roll and count the spots then ask your grown to give you an action to do that many times. For example, if you roll a 6 then do 6 big stamps or roll a 3 and do 3 hops. The actions can be anything; jumps, claps, etc etc.

Activities for Both Classes

  • Enjoy the weather and your garden. Maybe go for a walk or a bike ride, play on your slide, revisit floating and sinking, make a pirate boat for your paddling pool. There are lots of things you can do out in the fresh air but make sure you do go outside and make the most of the sunshine!
  • Have a go at building a Princess castle. You can use Lego, Duplo, K’Nex, anything you like. We’d love to see!


Have a lovely weekend, speak to you all again on Monday.

Your Teachers xx


Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning everybody!

We’ve got lots of fun learning for everyone again today. Reception Class, we’ll start with you …

Reception Class

  • Mrs Pritchard would like you to make up five Princess names and five Pirate names but she would like those names to rhyme. You can have lots of fun with this activity, exploring rhyme and making up some funny, silly names. Have a go at writing this down, trying your best to sound the words out yourself. Mrs Pritchard wants to see independent work so that she can assess you and give you housepoints!
  • Mrs Pritchard would also like you to learn your address. Your house number, street name, city and country!
  • Here are some phonics sheets for you…


  • We would like you to look at number ordering today. You can use the caterpillar we put into your work pack if you haven’t already done that. If you have, you can use number cards if you have them or numbers 1-10 written on pieces of paper. You might need some counters spots on the pieces of paper to help you to recognise any numbers you’re struggling with.
  • Here are some sheets to help you to improve your scissor skills…

Activity for Both Classes

This is an experiment for you to have a go at. I can’t wait to see what you find out and hope you all enjoy it as much as you enjoyed last week’s ice experiment!

Reception Class, it’s your Zoom story this morning so we’ll see you at 11am!


Don’t forget to click on this link every day for a new song and actions to go along! Enjoy!


Have a great day everybody!

Your Teachers xx


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning!

We hope you’re all enjoying our topic this week. We’ve seen lots of creating excellent treasure maps, pirate hats, princess crowns and going on treasure hunts in your house! Brilliant fun and lots of learning too!

Here is your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • If you haven’t written a Prince/Princess or pirate story from yesterday’s blog, make sure you have a go at that. Well done to everyone who already has!
  • Did anyone have a go at learning to tie your shoelaces? We’d love to see videos of you giving this a go!
  • Don’t forget to keep using the ebooks on Oxford Owl. Videos of you reading can allow your teachers to assess you and give you help to bring your reading on even further.
  • Here are some literacy and maths activities for today too…



  • Can you remember the story we read yesterday? About Princess Eliza and the Wicked Wizard? Could you have a go at role playing the story using props and toys that you have at home? You could choose any princess story that you’re familiar with, it doesn’t have to be the story we read yesterday. You can pick your favourite. Role playing is a really good way to help your imagination to grow as well as working on the skill of retelling stories.
  • Here are some Princess themed maths activities for you to enjoy today…

Numeracy Day

Today it is National Numeracy Day and so we’ve included lots of different maths based activities for you to have a go at. Some are looking at numbers and counting, some are looking at size, for one of the activities you will need a dice. Try as many as you can. These are for both classes but some will include larger numbers that Kindergarten haven’t looked at yet.

Extra Activity

Here’s something else for you to have a go at. A different song everyday for you to enjoy! Give it a go, maybe even put a video of you singing and dancing along onto Tapestry!


Reception Class, it’s your Zoom story tomorrow so let your grown ups know that they will be receiving an email about that today!

Enjoy and work hard!

Speak to you again tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx



Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good Morning everybody!

Your hard work from yesterday has blown our socks off, well done. You are trying your best and we are so proud of you all!

Here is your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • Write a little story about a Prince, Princess or Pirate. Maybe give them a funny name and write about an adventure they have. A beautiful picture to go with your story too please!
  • Here’s a maths activity for you to try too: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/api/interactives/24447.html
  • Mrs Pritchard would also like you to practice tying shoelaces. This can be really tricky and you’ll need to practice hard but it’s a skill that you’ll need and use for your whole life! We can’t wait to see you achieve this!


  • We’d like you to do some accurate counting today. Don’t worry if you don’t have number cards like we have in school. Mummy or Daddy could write the number on a piece of paper or post it note, anything like that, and you can use almost anything as counters – beads, buttons, little stones from the garden, anything! Concentrate on 1-10, have a go at writing the numbers yourself too.
  • Have a go at making your very own pirate hat or princess/prince crown. You can either use these designs, or create your own. Decorate them in anyway you like.

Activity for Both Classes

Give this activity a go …

You could use this Princess picture too.

Extra Activities

Kindergarten, don’t forget to join our Zoom story time at 11am!

Enjoy and work hard everybody, speak to you tomorrow.

Your Teachers xx



Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning!

Did everyone enjoy the weekend in the sunshine? We’ve loved the photographs you’ve sent in of your VE Day bunting, decorations and celebrations, thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Your teachers have been busy planning another exciting week of fun and learning for you all. Our topic this week is…

Pirates and Princesses!

We think you’re all going to love the activities we’ve got planned for you. Here is your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • Write a few sentences about what you did to celebrate VE Day. Did you make bunting, eat scones, wave a flag? Write about it, sounding out all the words yourselves and draw a picture to go with your writing.
  • Here are some maths games for you to have a go at and enjoy!


Here are some literacy sheets…


  • Practice writing your name. Remember to hold your pencil correctly. If you’re confident with a pencil, have a go at copying some words to tell us what you did to celebrate VE Day. Ask a grown up to help you, they may need to write them out for you. Words like: bunting, garden, flag, sandwich, scone, picnic, etc.
  • If you’re not confident with a pencil yet, we’d still love to hear about your weekend. If your grown up records a short video of you telling us about what you did, just like we do during news time at school, the video can go onto Tapestry and we can assess it.
  • Here are some maths activities for you to play                                                     https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/teddy-numbers


Topic Activity for Both Classes

  • Time to be a pirate! Can you create a treasure map? Use a piece of plain paper, draw your map, think about the different things you might see on a pirate’s treasure map such as: a palm tree, the sea, a shipwreck, etc.  Once you’ve drawn your design, you’ll need a bit of grown up help. Pop a teabag into a cup with some water – hot water works best so make sure only mummy or daddy pours the hot water into the cup. Once it’s cooled down, keep the tea bag in the cup and use a paintbrush to paint the tea onto your paper. Make it as dark as you like!
  • If you want to extend the activity, you could hide some ‘treasure’ in your house or garden, depending on the weather, and see if mummy or daddy can follow your map to find the treasure. The treasure could be anything – some dress up jewellery, teaspoon, toy car, anything!

Kindergarten, it’s our story time tomorrow morning and your Zoom invitations for it will be emailed today.

We’ll speak to you all again tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

P.S. here are some items you may need this week:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Card
  • Foil
  • Empty jar or bottle
  • Oil
  • Metal paper clip
  • Magnet

(Don’t worry if you haven’t got all or any of these things, we will always provide lots of activities and learning opportunities that don’t require any of these things).

Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning!

We hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather yesterday? It’s so lovely to be out in the sunshine.

We’d like you to do lots of practical learning in your gardens today.


Take the tub of water out of your freezer… what’s happened to the water?

It should now be a solid block of ice. It has changed from a liquid into a solid.

Pop the ice out of the tub into a tray or onto a surface that your grown ups don’t mind getting wet or maybe paint/food colouring on.

Sprinkle some salt onto the top of the block of ice and drip onto it either paint (you might need to water this down) or food colouring.

Then all you need to do is watch, what’s happening to the ice? Try sprinkling a bit more salt on, does anything happen when you do this? You can drip on as much or as little paint/food colouring as you like. Try to use different colours.

Here’s a picture to help you to see what yours should look like…

If you made ice lollies yesterday, enjoy these in the sunshine but you’ll have to be quick, they’ll melt!!

VE Day

Tomorrow is VE Day and school have posted some great ideas on Facebook and Twitter. Here are a couple of extra activities for you to have a go at ready for the special celebration tomorrow.



Yesterday we told you some ingredients you’d need for a baking activity. Did any of you guess from those ingredients what we might be baking?

Did any of you guess Banana Bread??

Here is the recipe and the instructions on how to make it. It’s quite easy so you should be able to have a good try at doing some yourself.

Reception Class, Mrs Pritchard would like to see some photographs or videos on Tapestry if you measuring out the different ingredients. Your grown up can help you by telling you what number on the scales to look out for.

Enjoy this activity, maybe you can eat it tomorrow as part of your VE Day celebration?

Don’t worry if you don’t have those ingredients, you can either have a go at this another time or you can bake something totally different!

Extra Work

Here are a few activities we’ve found for you to have a go at…


Reception Class

Enjoy the sunshine, have a great bank holiday weekend with your family and we’ll speak to you again on Monday!

We can’t wait to see photographs of your VE Day celebrations too!

Your Teachers xx


Wednesday 6th May 2020

(apologies from Mr. Suter for late posting!)

Good Morning!

We’re hope you’re all enjoying our water topic this week, we’ve seen lots of great videos and photographs of you all exploring capacity as well as experimenting with floating and sinking – this learning is all fantastic. Your teachers are so proud of you all!

We are carrying on with our water topic today it before we start today’s learning, we would like you to get something ready for Thursday’s learning. Here’s what you need to do:

  • fill a plastic tub (small lunch box or takeaway tub) with water and pop it in the freezer
  • fill ice lolly moulds with juice or squash of your choice and pop them in the freezer (don’t worry if you don’t have these!)

Right, that’s that done, let’s see what we’re doing today…

Mini Project

We would like both classes to have a think about animals that live in water. The water they live in could be a pond, a river, the sea, etc. Choose one or two animals that you’d like to find more information about.

Use your computer or tablet to research the animals you’ve chosen and find out as much as you can about them. You could also use any books you might have too.

Here are some things you might like to find out about:

  • Where they live
  • What country they are from
  • What do they eat
  • Do they lay eggs or have babies

Reception Class, you could write a few sentences to tell us what you have found out about your animals and draw a picture to go with your writing.

Kindergarten, we’d love to see drawings of the animals you’ve found out about, maybe Mummy or Daddy could video you talking about the animals.

Reception Class

Here are some other activities for you to have a go at today.





Here are some other activities for you to have a go at today.



For tomorrow…

Here is a list of ingredients you’ll need if you want to give this activity a go, please don’t worry if you haven’t got these ingredients in your cupboards. This activity can be done any time.

That’s all for today.

We’ll speak to you again tomorrow children!

Your Teachers xx


Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning Kindergarten and Reception!

We’re carrying on with our water topic today. We would like both classes to have a go at a floating and sinking activity. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a washing up bowl/bucket/kitchen sink/etc with water in
  • 10 objects (or a few more if you’d like) from around your house or garden to experiment with (no phones or remote controls!)

Before you pop each object into the water, guess what you think it might do. Will it sink to the bottom or float on top of the water? Once you’ve experimented with each item, sort them into two separate piles. One pile of items that sink and another pile of items that float.

Reception Class, you can write out the items in each pile.

Once you’ve finished your experiment, perhaps you would like to make a boat out of some of the items you have at home. Use the knowledge you’ve gained from the experiment when you choose what your boat could be made out of and see if it works. We can’t wait to see your creations.

Here are some ideas…

Reception Class

  • Mrs. Pritchard is so impressed with all your hard work! Here are some activities to continue and further your hard work.




  • We’d like you to have a go with scissors to cut out some pictures or material to make a collage picture – make sure you ask a grown up to help you choose items to cut out. Have fun creating your collage pictures!
  • Here are some great games available on PhonicsPlay (use the username: march20 and password: home)




Kindergarten, Miss Armstrong will see you over on Zoom for our story at 11am. She can’t wait to see you all again!

Enjoy your activities and learning opportunities today.

Speak to you all tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

P.S. for tomorrow/Thursday you will need small plastic tubs (any size or shape as long as you can pop them in the freezer) and/or an ice cube tray.

Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Kindergarten and Reception!

We hope you’re all well and that you have had a good weekend.

Are you all ready for a week of fun and learning?

Here is your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • First of all today, we would like you to write about your weekend. Have you been for a walk or a bike ride? Have you helped to make dinner or baked a cake? Remember to take your time with your writing, don’t rush and try not to rub out.
  • Keep working on your rhyming words. You don’t need to write these down, it can be a game you play out loud with Mummy or Daddy. If they give you a word, can you think of a word that rhymes with it? Like wonky, donkey or bug, hug. Then it into a game, you’ll love it!


  • We’d like you to keep working on writing your names. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Remember what we’ve said about correct letter formation, hold your pencil/pen properly and take your time. Practice on a whiteboard if you’re struggling with paper.
  • We’d also like you to have a go at working on the initial sound of words. If Mummy or Daddy give you a word like ‘bag’, can you hear what sound that begins with? If you know all of your sounds, have a go at sounding out some CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words – you don’t need to write these down, it can be a game you play out loud. Mummy/Daddy can give you a CVC word like dog, bat, cup and you have a go at sounding the word out. (Grown ups, you might need to really emphasise each sound in the word to help support this).

Topic for both classes

This week we are going to be looking at water. Today, we’d like both classes to explore capacity. Fill a washing up bowl or bucket (or whatever you have) with water & use different containers to explore full, half full and empty.

You could use beakers, bottles, etc. How many beakers does it take to fill the bottle?

Can you put different amounts of water in each container and then order these from full to empty?

You could even add a couple of drops of food colouring to your water to make it look more interesting.

Reception Class, you could even write some ‘full’, ‘half full’ and ‘empty’ labels to go with your findings.

Have fun with this activity and explore!

Here’s a video about full and empty for you to watch too…


Don’t forget the list of websites we gave you too if you want to practice phonics or maths using some of the online games.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx


Friday 1st May 20202

Good Morning Everybody, Happy Friday!

Thank you for your fantastic work this week! We’ve had a puppet show, a ‘J’ hunt, counting, writing, house building and porridge making! Well done everyone!

Here is your learning for today…

Reception Class

  • Keep practicing the days of the week and months of the year. Once you’ve mastered them in order, see if your grown ups can quiz you on them.
  • Continue your 3D shape hunt around your house, can you name all the 3D shapes that you find?


  • We’d like you to have a go at sorting today. Can you sort your Lego or Duplo bricks by colour? Can you sort any toy animals you have by type; wild, sea, farm? Or vehicles by type; car, lorry, van.
  • Keep practicing counting to 10, then 20 and then 30! Keep working at it children and you’ll get there!

Both Classes

Don’t worry if you don’t have paper plates or a cardboard tube, you can use circles of card cut into rings and a piece of card rolled up.

Have a go at these Lego challenges, you can also use Duplo – or we’d love to see any kind of construction used.

Have a lovely weekend everybody, stay safe, we’ll speak to you on Monday!

Your Teachers xx

Thursday 30th April 2020

Good Morning!

Here is your learning for today Early Years…

Reception Class

  • We would like you to read an ebook off Oxford Owl. Have a look at the books on red level first of all, if they aren’t challenging enough then have a look at the books available on yellow level.
  • Again on the Oxford Owl website, under ‘activities’ for children aged 4-5 years are some activities looking at the ‘er’ blend. Have a go at completing these.
  • You should also be practising to say the days of the week in order and also the months of year in order. Once you can say them in order, ask your grown ups to quiz you on them by asking, ‘what day comes after Wednesday?’ Or, ‘what month comes after June’, etc.


  • We would like you to practice counting by rote. First of all to 10, then to 20 and then to 30. We’ve done this at school so you should all be able to give this a really good try. Can anyone count above 30? We’d love to hear that too!
  • We would also like you to work out what your name begins with. Once you’ve identified your initial letter, have a look around your house to find as many things as you can that begin with that sound. You could then try to write some of those things out. Use the sounds that you know to sound them out if you can, or you can ask your grown up to help you.

Both Classes

  • If you have porridge oats in your kitchen cupboard, maybe you could have a go at making porridge. Help your grown up to measure out the ingredients and decide if you’d like to add any toppings to make your porridge ‘just right’. Maybe you’d like some honey? Or blueberries? We’d love to see what you try!
  • Remember that playing is also important as it helps you develop lots and lots of different skills. You can ask brothers or sisters to join in or you can play on your own. Even playing alone can help you to develop your imagination and language. Have fun!

Extra Activities


Reception Class, don’t forget to join Mrs Pritchard’s Zoom story this morning at 11am!

 Speak to you tomorrow everybody!

 Your Teachers xx

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning!

Miss Armstrong loved story time yesterday Kindergarten, thank you to everyone who joined her for it.

Reception, your story time is tomorrow (Thursday 30th) at 11am. You should all have received your invitations.

Here are some activities for you all today…

Reception Class

  • Keep working on your number bonds 10 and upwards to 20, this is a mental maths activity, you don’t need to write anything down
  • Collect and name any 3D shapes you can find in your house – look in your kitchen cupboards, in your toy box, etc.
  • Explore some rhyming words. Ask Mummy or Daddy to give you a word and see if you can come up with some words that rhyme with that word.
  • Have a go at reading some of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is available on Twinkl as an ebook.


  • Practice writing your names, again concentrating on correct letter formation. Make sure you’re holding your pen/pencil correctly and take your time.

Have a go at this cutting and sticking activity. Cut out the bowls, chairs and beds and put the correct size under the correct bear. Once you’ve done that, see if you can sort them into the things that Goldilocks liked and the things that she didn’t.      These resources can be downloaded from Twinkl.

Both Classes

  • Use any construction of your choice (Lego, Duplo, etc) to build a house for the Three Bears, use the sheet to make your own stick puppets and have a go at retelling the story. Can you do a big loud voice for Daddy Bear? A sad voice for Baby Bear? You can have lots of fun with this activity!

And just for a bit of fun…

Have a great day everybody, we’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good Morning Early Years!

Here are your activities for today…

Reception Class

We’d like you to do some mental maths this morning.

  • Number bonds to 10. What two numbers make 10? 0 and 10, 3 and 7, 2 and ? Once you’ve done all the number bonds to 10, look at number bonds to 11, 12, and so on up to 20!
  • Practice counting by rote up to 100, have a go at counting is 2s and 5s as well.


When you write your name this morning, work really hard on correct letter formation.

  • Hold your pen/pencil using your thumb and first two fingers.
  • Start at the top for each letter.
  • If you can write your first name, have a go at writing your last name too.

Both Classes

We’re going to have a look at some Traditional Tales this week. These are stories that we all know really well such as; Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc.

Lots of you will have copies of these stories at home, but don’t worry if you haven’t.

Either read your favourite or watch it on YouTube, see if you can tell your grown up who the characters are in the story (the characters are everyone you meet in the story), what happens at the beginning of the story, what happens next and what happens at the end.

Reception Class

We’d like you to have a go at writing a few sentences about your favourite story. Sound the words out on your own as much as you can. Once you’ve done that, you can draw a picture to go with your writing. Again, make sure you use the correct colours.


Have a go at drawing a character from your favourite Traditional Tale and colour it in, making sure that you use the correct colours. What colour do you need for Jack’s beanstalk? What colour is Cinderella’s hair?

You can also ask your grown up to help you to write some labels for your picture. This might be tricky but it’s good practice, go on, have a go.

Added Activities

Twinkl have some lovely colouring and activity sheets too if you would like to do these. They can be great to enhance or extend learning. Perhaps you’d like to do some Traditional Tale counting?

Or a cutting and sticking activity?

These can be downloaded on Twinkl using the Twinkl login below.

Have a lovely day everybody, speak to you tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

Monday 27th April 2020


Good Morning!

We hope you all had a great weekend in the sunshine, playing in your gardens and going for walks with your family.

We’ve seen on Tapestry that lots of you have been learning to ride your bikes too either with stabilisers or without, well done to all of you, that’s fantastic!

Hopefully, the play ideas that we gave you on Friday have helped. You can do any of those throughout the coming weeks to enhance your learning. It’s so important that you have lots of fun each day.

As well as the play ideas, we have also found that Oxford Reading Tree have made lots of their books available as free ebooks, you do have to sign up but it doesn’t cost a penny and you can then practice reading at your own level using your laptop or tablet, whichever you prefer. Kindergarten children not yet on reading books, there are some language books available too. These have no words to read but are an excellent tool to help develop language as well as the basic story structure.

We have some Zoom story times planned as well. Parents, you will receive an email with the invitation. These chats will be password protected and we ask that a grown up is present too, these are simply some safeguarding measures we’ve put into place to keep us all safe.

Kindergarten – Miss Armstrong will be reading to you on Tuesday at 11am

Reception Class – Mrs Pritchard will be reading to you on Thursday at 11am

We can’t wait to see you all!

Your activities for today are:


  • Name practice, make sure that you are forming the letters correctly in your first name before moving onto your surname. Remember, we start at the top 👌🏼
  • Playdough modelling – if you have plasticine at home, that’s great too!
  • A creative activity of your choice – painting, colouring, etc.

Reception Class

  • Write a couple of sentences about your weekend. Remembering capital letters at the beginning of a sentence or for someone’s name, full stops at the end of a sentence and a space between each word. Draw a picture too. Don’t worry if you have no pages left in your news book, you can do this on any paper.
  • A creative activity of your choice – painting, colouring, etc.

We’d also like both classes to give this activity a go. Ask your grown up to help you work out what action or exercise you have to do for each letter of your name. Mummy or Daddy might want to join in too…

Have a great day everybody!

Speak to you tomorrow,

Your Teachers xx

P.S. An activity this week will involve paper plates and a cardboard tube (like the middle of kitchen towel).  Don’t worry if you can’t get hold of these, you can either improvise or there will be lots of other activities for you to do!

Friday 24th April 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Friday!

We have put together a list of play ideas for you to do at home. We know that it can sometimes be hard to do school work at home but the best bit about Early Years is how much fun we can have with our learning. It is, of course, important to keep working on writing names and numbers but it’s also really important that you do lots of other things too. Remember what we say at school – “do a little bit of everything!”

Here are a few ideas for now, but there are plenty more to follow!

Messy Play

  • painting pasta, either raw pasta or cooked spaghetti. Both work well and can be a really fun and tactile activity.
  • gloop! This is really easy to make, just mix cornflour and water together. Start off with a little of each, you can always add more to create the desired consistency. You don’t want it to be too watery to too dry.
  • Either ready made tubs or make your own (2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water, 2-3 tbsp veg oil & a drop or 2 of food colouring). Children love to make their own and experimenting with the ingredients to create a dough is a fantastic learning experience. Once the dough is made, it’s excellent for physical development.
  • They could paint a picture of a flower in your garden or their favourite toy. Equally, mixing the colours and exploring what happens when you do is another great experience.


  • Use a washing up bowl/paddling pool/water table and some plastic beakers and bottles to explore full, half full and empty.
  • Add washing up liquid and waterproof plastic toys or items from a toy kitchen.


  • Wet the sand and build sandcastles – you could use plastic beakers or bowls instead of buckets.
  • Hide a number of objects in the sand tray and tell your child how many different objects they have to find.

Small World

  • EYFS children gain so much from play. Using small world items such as train sets, zoo animals, farm animals, etc. help children to develop their imagination as well as encouraging them to use language to further their play and there are also elements of Personal, Social and Emotional Development as well as Understanding the World.
  • Use toy shop items or even some real items from your kitchen cupboards to set up a shop and use real coins up to 10p. This is a fantastic roleplay activity that also includes maths!
  • Observe how your children play and join in! Your children will love playing with you and you’ll love it too.

We hope that you find these helpful and that they have given you some ideas on how to support your children to learn through play in a similar way to how we do so at school.

Stay safe everybody, have a good weekend and we’ll speak to you all again on Monday!

Your Teachers xx

Thursday 23rd April 2020 – St. George’s Day

Good Morning!

It’s St George’s Day today and so, we are going to do some learning around this topic. Have a look at these two videos that will tell you all about St George’s Day.



Their costumes are great aren’t they?!

We have got some themed counting sheets for you to have a go at too! The counting and the number writing you did yesterday will help you to complete these.

Reception Class, have a go at this one too.

If you haven’t signed up for free Twinkl content yet, here’s the information you need for that:

There are some colouring sheets that you might like to have a go at too or even some stick puppets you could make.


We’d like you to have a go at using scissors this afternoon. You can either use a sheet from your work pack or you can see if mummy or daddy have a magazine or catalogue they no longer need. If you cut out some pictures from the magazine/brochure, you could use these to make a collage picture.

Remember our important rules when you use scissors. Make sure you’re sitting down, hold the scissors correctly, never cut towards yourself and only use scissors when your grown up says so that they can keep you safe.

Reception Class

Can you write two or three sentences about St George’s Day? Remember to use spaces between words and capital letters, make sure your letters are sitting on the line. Can you draw a picture to go with your writing too?

We hope you all have a fantastic day!

Speak to you tomorrow,

Your Teachers xx

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you to everyone for all the great uploads onto Tapestry! Your teachers have loved seeing your happy faces and hard work and have been busy assessing what you have been doing. You’re all doing a great job, keep it up! We are so proud!

Let’s have another go at PE with Joe Wicks, or perhaps try a Wild Workout with Andy

Whichever you prefer is fine!

Let’s have a go at some turn taking today Kindergarten and Reception, choose your favourite board game – snakes and ladders, Frustration, or a lotto game. Ask Mummy and Daddy if they would like to play with you and brothers or sisters too!

Remember to take it in turns; who’s going to go first? Who will go next? Follow the rules of the game and most importantly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t win 😊 It’s just fun to play!

Let’s practice our fine motor skills next. Your grown ups may have some buttons or beads that you can thread, or maybe some pasta. You can use an old shoelace or some string. If you’re using coloured buttons/beads, can you thread a pattern of 2 or 3 colours? If you have pasta, maybe you could paint that so that your threading is bright and colourful?

Lastly, let’s practice counting and writing numbers.

Kindergarten, concentrate on numbers 1-10. You can use anything to count with – buttons, beads, Lego blocks. Have a go at writing the numbers in pencil, then maybe experiment with some other things you can write with – chalk, felt tip, paint, etc.

Reception Class, have a go at writing numbers 1-20 Make sure your numbers are written correctly, facing the right way. Once you’ve done that, give some mental maths a go. Choose one of the numbers you’ve written and work out what is one or two less then one of two more than that number.

Have a great day everybody! Remember to make the most of the lovely weather too by playing and learning in your garden.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good Morning Kindergarten and Reception, welcome back!

We hope you’ve all enjoyed your Easter break and are ready for our new term. We’ve been busy planning lots of fun and exciting activities to keep you all busy as well as making sure that your brains continue to grow!

First of all…

It’s time for our 9 am PE lesson with Joe Wicks! Before you start, feel your heart beating in your chest – mummy or daddy can help you to find it if you’re struggling. Is your heartbeat fast or slow?

Once you’ve finished the PE lesson, feel your heart again. What’s happened? Is it beating faster now?

Your heart beats faster when you exercise so that all the blood in your body travels around faster so that all the different parts of your body can get lots of oxygen.

Take a few minutes to chill after your energetic start, have a drink of water and get ready for our next activity.


Let’s make sure that nobody’s forgotten how to write their name – don’t worry if you’re a bit rusty, you’ll soon pick it back up!

Remember to hold your pencil correctly using your thumb and first two fingers. Hold the pencil quite close to the bottom to make sure that you’re controlling it properly.

Reception Class, remember to write your surname too.

The weather is going to be lovely today so make sure you’re enjoying the outside as much as you can. Bounce on your trampoline, scoot on your scooter, go for a walk with your family or have a tea party with your dolls and teddies.

Whilst you’re outside, here’s a Spring scavenger hunt for you to have a go at.

How many things did you find?

Kindergarten, please can you now do something from your work pack. You can choose what you would like to do. Take your time with it, don’t rush. You only need to do one or two activities from the pack a day to make sure you’re doing your best work and keeping your concentration.

Reception Class, please can you have a go at writing a story. Use your imagination to write a story about an adventure in the woods. It doesn’t have to be real, remember that anything can happen in a story! Have some fun with it.


  • capital letters only at the beginning of a sentence or if it’s someone’s name.
  • Full stops at the end of sentences.
  • Leave a space between each word – use your finger to help you.
  • Try to sound out the words instead of asking your grown to spell them for you.
  • No ‘footballs’ on the top of your i or j or as a full stop.

Ask mummy or daddy to upload photographs of your work onto Tapestry, as well as anything else that you’d like to share with us. It means that we can assess you and see all the progress that you’re making, and we can help you with anything that you’re finding tricky.

Have a good day everybody!

We’ll speak to you tomorrow.

Your Teachers xx


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning EYFS!

The last day of the Spring Term. It’s not quite how we’d imagined we’d be spending it but we hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves! Thank you so much to all of you, and your grown ups too of course, for getting so involved in this very different way of teaching. We have loved seeing your progress on Tapestry and your big smiles have definitely helped us too!

Today, Kindergarten, we’d like you to have a go at a Phase 2 activity on Phonicsbloom.

This one:



This one:


Grown ups can give you some clues but try to do as much as you can on your own!

Reception Class, let’s have a go at some activities in Phase 4.

This one:




After a busy, fun filled day, why not chill out with some yoga? The whole family can join in with this, it’s so much fun!


We hope you all have a happy & safe Easter! Be good for your grown ups and enjoy this extra time with your family 💜

We’ll speak to you very soon!

Your Teachers xx

P.S. Here are some Spring/Easter craft ideas to keep you all busy over the Easter holidays and we’re sure that brothers and sisters might want to join in with you too!

P.P.S. Mr. Suter would like to apologise to all of those who went out in your garden yesterday at 10.17 to jump – he hopes you did of course realise it was April Fool’s Day!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Wow, Wednesday already! We hope everyone is still well and making the most of family time at home. If anyone has played any fun games at home, let us know, we’d love to hear about them.

Let’s do some work with shapes today!

  • Kindergarten – can you look around your house and see how many different 2D shapes you can find? You’re looking for: squares, triangles, circles, rectangles and any others you can spot!
  • Reception Class – can you look around your house to see how many 3D shapes you can find? You’re looking for cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders and any others you find along the way!

Photographs of shapes you find can be popped onto Tapestry and your teachers can give you some points!

We’d also like you to have a go at a shape pattern game today on TopMarks:

Start on level 1, see if you can complete any of the patterns on level 2 and if you’re really up for a challenge, try level 3! Don’t worry if these are too hard, just work at a level that you’re comfortable with.

There is a strange thing happening with the planets today: two of them, called Jupiter and Pluto, are lined up in a strange way that means, if you are in your garden and jump up, you should be able to jump higher than normal.  Try it!  Get your grown up to set the clock for 10.17 this morning as this is the only time this will happen.  Again, post your photographs on tapestry.  How high did you get?

We’ll speak to you tomorrow children!

Stay safe!

Your Teachers xx

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning Early Years!

We hope you’re all okay and ready for the day. Is everyone still enjoying PE with Joe Wicks? If you fancy a change from his lessons – or if they’re a bit tricky – why not have a go at one of Andy’s Wild Workouts?

Choose one or two activities from your work packs. Remember to hold pencils correctly – thumb & first two fingers, use scissors safely and only when your grown ups are there, try your best to form letters and numbers correctly, and stay in the lines when you’re colouring in.

Reception Class, have you written any stories that we could read? If you have, ask your grown up to take a photo & pop it onto Tapestry. We love to read them and can use Tapestry to assess them and see where you’re all up to.

Kindergarten, have you all been practising to write your names? We love to see how well you’re progressing with this! Has anybody had a go at writing any other sounds or words? Any work or activities that you do can be assessed by your teachers when you upload them.

Once you’ve done some work from your packs, here’s an indoor scavenger hunt for you to try.


Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Kindergarten and Reception!

We hope you all enjoyed the weekend and did lots of fun and relaxing things with your grown ups and, if you have them, brothers and sisters.

This is our last week before the Easter holidays and we have some fun Easter activities planned for you. We had wanted to do these in school but you can hopefully manage to do some at home too.

Once you’ve finished the Joe Wicks PE lesson this morning, Mr Suter has given us some games you’ve played in computing to practice your mouse skills (these all work on tablets but if you have a computer with a mouse, that’s great for the children to practice with too).

Here’s a fun activity for you to do this week:

Don’t worry if you can’t do this straight away, it may take a little while to collect the cardboard tubes. We’d love to see your Easter bunny pictures when you do them.

Don’t forget our motto of doing ‘a little bit of everything’. Make sure you’re having lots of fun too – building, reading, dancing, playing with cars/dinosaurs/dolls/kitchens so that your brains continue to grow.

Speak to you tomorrow children!

Your Teachers xx

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Who’s ready for PE today? Joe Wicks will be starting his lesson at 9am on YouTube. Grown ups, don’t forget you can join in too!

Dublin Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo have live cameras set up so that you can see the animals on your computer or tablet.



Your challenge today, KG and Reception, is to draw one of the animals you can see on the cameras then ask your grown up to help you Google them and find out an interesting fact. You could find out what country they’re from or what they like to eat, anything!

We can’t wait to see who can complete the challenge!

Enjoy another sunny day in your garden.

Have a great weekend everybody, be good for Mummy and Daddy!

Speak to you on Monday!

Your Teachers xx

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning Kindergarten & Reception!

Are we all ready for PE at 9am with Joe Wicks again? We’ve seen that some of you are even wearing your school PE kits to do it in 💙

Let’s do some work with numbers today. Ask your grown up to help you register for some fun maths here

This is all free and it’s easy to find activities for your age.

We are so lucky to be having such lovely weather! Can you make an assault course or circuit in your garden? You can use balls, bats, trampolines, slides, anything at all! Have fun!

Maybe ask Mummy or Daddy if you can help to make your own lunch today. Can you make a sandwich? Think about what ingredients you’ll need to make it and pop some photos of you making it on Tapestry.

Stay safe, stay at home and keep washing your hands!

Your Teachers xx

PS. Just in case anyone is worried about what is going on in the world, here’s a link to a child friendly story explaining all about it here

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning!

Has anyone been joining in with the PE lessons on YouTube with Joe Wicks? Let’s see how many of you can do the lesson with him today at 9am. Mummy & Daddy, you can join in too!  PE with Joe

Don’t forget to practice writing your name again today. Practicing everyday will make sure that you get really good at it and will soon be able to write lots of other words too.

Reception Class, make sure you’re writing your first name and your last name.

Today is going to be another sunny day so let’s get outside into the garden and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a go at this scavenger hunt and see how many different things you can find.

Have a go at one of the counting games on TopMarks. There are lots to choose from and lots will work on a tablet as well as a computer, your grown up might have to help you work out which are ‘tablet friendly’.

We’d love to see your paintings or drawings of rainbows too. Let your grown ups know that they can email pictures of these to:

suterl@bwslive.co.uk or


and we’ll put the pictures on the blog & school Facebook page 🌈

Look after each other, we’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

Your Teachers xx

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you’re all okay and staying safe at home with your grown ups.
Thank you to everyone who has uploaded photographs and videos of your different activities to Tapestry. They are fantastic! We love to see the learning you’re doing at home so keep uploading!

Practice your names again this morning, remembering to hold your pencil correctly using Tommy Thumb, Peter Pointer and Toby Tall – Ruby Ring and Baby Small go to sleep. (Mummy/Daddy, Google ‘tripod pencil grasp’ if you’re unsure.)

Choose one activity from your work pack, your choice!

Next we have a challenge for you! Choose a jigsaw and ask your grown up to time you as you complete it. How long did it take you?
Have a second go, ask your grown up to time you again. Can you beat your time?

There are also fantastic jigsaw puzzle apps that Mummy or Daddy might be able to help you download onto a tablet.

When you choose your bedtime story tonight, see if you can find out who the author and illustrator are. Can you tell Mummy or Daddy what an author and an illustrator do?

We’ll speak to you tomorrow, stay safe everyone!

Your Teachers xx


Good Morning Kindergarten & Reception!

First of all, we would like you to practice writing your name. Please try to practice this everyday. Once you’ve done that, have a look through your work packs and choose two activities to complete today. Can you also build a model using your choice of construction? Lego, Duplo, or anything else you like.

Ask your grown up to upload a photograph of your activities to Tapestry – Miss Armstrong can help with Tapestry!

Don’t forget to play in your garden if you can & do something active, such as: star jumps, trampoline bounces, etc. Videos of any exercise you do today can be uploaded onto Tapestry too!

Your Teachers xx


Dear EYFS Parents,

Whilst we are not in school today, please encourage your child to practice writing their name – Reception Class children can write their surnames too.

Also, use a tablet or computer to complete an activity or two on https://www.phonicsbloom.com

KG children, look at Phases 1 & 2
Reception Class children, look at Phases 2-4

If there are any issues with this, please contact Miss Armstrong via email:

Any observations/photos can be uploaded onto your child’s Tapestry account – please contact Miss Armstrong with any issues regarding Tapestry.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time.