Prep Five have been working hard over half term making river models. The children also did their own research to find out the geographical names for different parts of river, and labelled their models. We found out that the start of the river is called its source, and the end of the river is the mouth. Some of us included waterfalls, tributaries and meanders, and we even had a couple of ox bow lakes. The children used an ingenious range of materials, including sweets (well done Hudson!), foam, glitter, felt, Lego and cardboard. Most of the models can be seen proudly displayed at the back of our classroom…apart from Olly’s. It was made from cake, and it was delicious! (We have a photograph so we can remember it!)

 Many thanks to all our families for their support with these projects.

Prep V go with the flow…

One thought on “Prep V go with the flow…

  • November 25, 2023 at 6:36 pm

    I loved making my project and think they all look brilliant!
    Beatrice, Prep 5


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