Prep V arrived at Trafford Hall at 11am on Tuesday 12th, raring to go. Unpacking the well-packed mini buses was the first task before they made their way to the playing fields and made a beeline for the willow trees where they climbed from tree trunk to tree trunk. 

Lunch was eaten and whilst they were waiting for their activity to start, a giant floor chess set appealed to many. Off they went to learn how to start a fire. The children found out that they needed three things to make a fire successful – heat, fuel and oxygen. Determination was shown and rewarded when each child lit a fire with smiles on their faces. Next step was den building – the children were shown two different ways to make dens and then got started making the one their group thought was best. All dens were brilliant and kept us sheltered  from the weather. 

Finally, the time arrived that the children couldn’t wait for. ROOMS! Calling off the names of each child in the room as we got to the door received an enthusiastic “yesss!” all around. Each room was quick to decide who was sleeping on the bunk beds with a couple of children scoring a double bed. Showers were wanted by some before we made our way to tea. 

Sausages galore were devoured by most of Prep V. The rest ate veggie sausages or jacket potatoes with beans and cheese. Still full of energy, they went back to the giant chess set where Mr. Grant was in his element as they were doing a science experiment. ‘Water Rokit’! Who could fly the Rokit the highest? Who could make an egg survive the landing (after being strapped on top of the Rokit)? Unfortunately four out of five groups didn’t manage to save the egg even though it was wrapped in tissue paper, egg boxes, cardboard and tape. The last Rokit decided it liked being in the air and landed in a tree just like Miss Gregory’s practice one before tea. When was Jeff going to land? Would Jeff explode or survive? 

A movie night  with sweets and chocolate was finished early due to internet connections, so off to their rooms they went. A few more showers, reading, chatting and games came to an end around 9.30  and all was sound asleep by 10 with staff following within the hour. 

Staff were the first to rise the next morning with children soon beginning to stir. Getting dressed, packing bags and stripping beds proved an easy task for Findlay, Oliver, Ben, Luca, Andrew and a few others whilst some found this hard. Breakfast buffet was enjoyed by all. With a choice of Bacon, sausage, beans, hash browns, scrambled egg, tomatoes, toast, cereal, mini croissant, there was something for everyone. The children’s first activity was orienteering. Each team was given a map and coordinates with the task to find a letter on each post. They soon learnt that teamwork was important  and each team had to stick together. No group was able to complete the word unfortunately. Our next challenge and final one was archery where Isla, Oliver and Findlay showed their skills. 

A sandwich, crisp, fruit and chocolate bar was needed after getting 8,000 steps (according to Olly’s fitbit) during orienteering. As we got ready to go home, Mrs. Sweeney asked for a whole class photo in front of the stunning main Georgian building as Jeff decided to make a landing! The children watched intently as Mr. Grant opened up the handmade egg protector to see that Jeff did not make the landing safely. After the photo was taken everyone boarded the minibuses where some children could not stay awake.

Thank you to Mr. Rooney for organising and driving. Thank you to Mrs. Sweeney, Miss Gregory and Mr. Grant for attending and making the couple of days full and packed.

Chester YHA the Prep V way…

3 thoughts on “Chester YHA the Prep V way…

  • September 25, 2023 at 4:51 pm

    Thank you I had the best time!
    Luca Keaney

  • September 20, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    I really enjoyed this trip because i had fun and learned a lot from it. 🙂
    Alex Cleland

  • September 20, 2023 at 5:45 pm

    Thank you Mrs Sweeny Mr Grant and Mrs Gregory for our school residential i really enjoyed it .Thank You It was the best!!


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