Prep III complete residential week…

Bridgewater junior department rounded off an adventurous week of residential visits, with  Prep III’s extended day trip. We may as well have been there for a week with the number of activities we crammed in!

An amazing weather forecast beckoned as we set off from school (on time, remarkably) with one minibus serenading Miss Gill with the latest Ed Sheeran track. Mrs Seward had similar in the other minibus I’m sure! Our fantastic instructors Paul and Fran met us on our arrival, commenting on our fabulous driving skills – for those that have been to the centre this week, the entrance is extremely narrow.

Straight to the zip wire, where Miss McEvoy harnessed up with the class. Both Ben and Honorah were adamant they would not be partaking in such an event, but there were beams of joy all round when they did! And even more smiles when the class realised that now Miss Gill had to partake (having unwittingly told Ben that she would jump if he did…) 

Off to the huge tree, which oddly resembled a ‘Grip and Go’ wall. Oh no. We actually had to climb it! While waiting patiently for assistance, Asa was confused as to who was throwing acorns at his helmet, until Miss McEvoy pointed out that it was, in fact, the large oak tree we were under.

Carly, Carter and Joey all set the standard by whipping up the tree like little monkeys! Much to Miss Gill’s dismay, instructor Paul clipped her into the safety rope and proceeded to lead her to the ladder… After a spine chilling climb, without once looking down, she rang the bell at the top, to cheers from the class and then shook uncontrollably and kissed the ground! 

Finally the childrens’ prayers were answered! It was lunchtime!! After a bit of food and a play on the equipment outside (and a few smaller tree climbing attempts) we headed off for archery!

After a well needed lesson, we attempted to shoot balloons in the centre of a target. For the most part, we managed to hit the actual board, particular mention to Asa, Noah, Poppy and Casey – some budding archers in our midst. Miss Gill managed to hit a balloon, after many attempts. Olympic Games next. Between us all, we only lost one arrow, which may well be in the field next to the centre. Word is Paul is still searching…

Finally – or so we thought – we partook in an assault course. Energy levels were still at peak due to the many snacks we had nibbled during the day.

We joined forces at the end of the day to complete a team building challenge. Fran assisted one of the teams who accidentally left some team mates behind… But we managed to rejoin forces and make it back to the minibus in time for our journey home.

Thankfully, the motorways were kind and we made it back on time (yes I’m surprised too!) Everyone, especially the teachers, we’re ready for a relaxing evening. What a day!

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  1. William rotheram says:

    I loved this trip. I was on iy


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