Prep VI day 3 – The Return!

Wow! What an adventure Prep VI have had. 

Yesterday started off with an early rise, followed by a delicious breakfast which went down a treat! 

Our first task of the day was to canoe down the canal to the Gowy Tunnels. Once we were set with helmets, buoyancy aids and paddles we set sail with ease – apart from when Layla and Luca were terrified by a spider and Leo’s leg took a dip in the canal! 

Half way down the canal we hopped off our boats and had a lovely bite to eat as well as a trip down into the tunnels. Our waterproofs and head torches certainly came in handy here! 

At the campsite we put up our own tents successfully! Layla, Lilly and Sofia were particularly impressive. We cooked our own dinner which went down a treat and EVEN did the washing up so no excuses at home now! Leo’s Scout training certainly came in handy for the group.

The rest of the evening consisted of roasting marshmallows and singing sounds around the toasty campfire. Today we woke up bright and early to sail back down the canal to the Conway centre. 

Early night anyone?

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