Time for Prep V’s residential adventure to begin. After the journey we took part in our first activity which was bush craft. We all learnt how to use a flint to strike a fire. However our favourite part was roasting marshmallows over the fire and the teachers enjoyed the fresh brewed coffee with the water heated over the fire we built. 

Having enjoyed our packed lunch we made our way to the quay to complete our next challenge. Having put on our waterproofs we were ready for raft building. This involved the three c’s – consideration, cooperation and communication. We rose to the challenge including some very tricky knot tying. We then tried our creations to see who was better  . We saw which team was quicker at moving in a full 360 circle and which team could move across the quay the quickest. 

We decided it was time to go and have a much needed shower and some dorm time before tea. Tea was a choice of Bolognese, spicy pasta with garlic bread and BBQ chicken and rice. There were also a range of fantastic looking and tasting cakes. 
After tea we made our way to the field to play games and run around. We then took turns in going to the souvenir shop where there were a tempting array of sweets, drinks, Welsh souvenirs, stationary and jewellery. 

At 7 o’clock, it was time for the Goblin Trail through the woods! The goblin trail was an orienteering course with 16 clues. We looked at the question, counted our steps and looked for the clues on the trees. Some were harder then others. After completing the course we gathered for a debrief in the common room where Mr Rooney ran through the answers. 
We were then allowed to disappear to our room where we read, played top trumps and talked about our day. Finally, lights were out at half nine. The teachers went to check on the children and we were all asleep by 10 even the spiders (there may have been some snoring)! 
Most of us slept in till at least 7 when it was time to the most challenging activity of all. Stripping our beds and repacking our bags! Breakfast was much needed and we especially enjoyed the full cooked breakfast, the croissants and the fresh juice. 

It was then time for our last activity which was canoeing. We suited with our waterproofs, life jackets and helmets and gathered at the quay.  We got into three groups to tie our canoes together using our newly acquired knot tying skills and launched them into the sea. We tried them first first in the quay area to home our skills off rowing backwards, forwards and working as a team. Once we have figured this out we went further afield and thoroughly enjoyed it in the Welsh sunshine and blue skies.  On our way out of the quay, we saw a jellyfish and a crab. 
It was time for lunch so replenish our energy. We are outside in the glorious weather and looking at the fantastic view of the Menai Straits. We then began the journey home- all excited to see our families but sad to leave the weather behind. Many thanks to the instructors, the staff, Mr Rooney, Miss Gregory and our parents for their continued support. 

Prep V Conway Centre review

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