Prep V and VI take to the skies over Haigh Hall…

Well, not quite, although we were looking for a dramatic intro! It seems a while since we’ve been on a Prep trip and it was with great excitement that the children from Prep V and VI departed in a fleet of minibuses for Haigh Hall. Once there, we headed in different directions: Prep VI to the high ropes and Prep V to the bush craft centre, located in the old zoo (who knew Haigh Hall had one of those?) in the woods (and of course, after a picnic lunch, the roles were reversed as the classes swapped activities).

For the first time at Haigh Hall, some of our children really overcame their fears as, after a low rope course to ‘get their eye in’ they climbed to the top of the tower for the high course. Notable moments include Shayan trying to extricate from a tangle of ropes at the top; Lucy missing the cargo nets at the end of the zip line and dangling in mid air; too many children to mention overcoming their fear of heights to complete all or part of the courses. In the bush craft areas, the children used tarpaulins and branches to create their own weather proof shelters, and then used flints and sticks to light a fire to boil a billy can – sadly, Mr. Rooney forgot the teabags!

The weather was kind to us too, which was lovely – it was great to get back to a degree of normality once again.

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4 Responses to Prep V and VI take to the skies over Haigh Hall…

  1. Angelina Atkin says:

    The trip was amazing. I really enjoyed the fire lighting and the fort making. My absolute favourite part though, were the zip lines on the high ropes. It was very scary but fun at the same time. I would love to go again!


  2. Anton Scowcroft says:

    i had a lovely time and I enjoyed the high ropes the most out of all of them. I also like making a fire with my friends.


  3. Adam Boyes says:

    It couldn’t have gone better there was everything to be happy about on the bus back I wished that I could go back the next day and do it all again! IT WAS AMAZING!!!


  4. hannah norton says:

    I loved our trip. The fire starting was hard but I think we picked it up quite easily. The den building was amazing and, I liked how we learnt how to make things aswell as have fun. What I enjoyed the most was the high ropes and how its scary and nerve-racking and its exciting. I really enjoyed this trip, thank you for organising it!


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