Athletes in Sprint Finish for ISA Virtual Competition Honours!

Despite the best efforts of the great British weather, the athletics season has been in full swing during Bridgewater Prep PE lessons in recent weeks. With external competition not permitted, this has not stopped the efforts of ISA schools to find ways to compete virtually.

One such event is the Lady Barn School ISA Virtual Athletics, with 8 schools from Prep III-VI participating in four events over four weeks to find individual and team winners. A 10m shuttle run (x 6-9), a standing long jump, cricket/rounders ball throw and a 600m run are the events Bridgewater classes have been trying out in lessons this term. As we enter the final week of the competition, the final 600m races will determine the overall winners in each age group.

At Bridgewater we have decided to run a separate competition to find the Athletic Quad winner as well as the individual winner for each of the four events. The top three results will be forwarded to Lady Barn to compare with the other 8 schools in order to find the overall individual and team winners for the ISA award.  However, Bridgewater will also seek to find an overall winner for each age group by attributing points for the first three winners in each event. It is this event that has produced the most excitement as a host of athletes are in contention going into the final run this week.

In week one, the focus was on sprinting and agility as everyone tackled the 10m sprint shuttle run challenge. Each age group ran a combined total of 60m in Prep III up to 90m in Prep VI. It was interesting to discover that completing the test indoors in the sports hall produced faster times than on the 3G. The winners in each age group were as follows:

Alfie and Molly Prep VI

Maya and Tommy Jack Prep V

Layla and San Prep IV

Maia and Patrick Prep III

Week two had competitors trying to out leap each other, attempting the standing long jump. The test of muscular power and strength threw up some interesting results across the groups. Johnny and Esme leapt to success in Prep VI, with Zara and Raj out-jumping the rest of Prep V. The winners in Prep III and IV were Maia and Patrick again from Prep III, with Lucas and Angel taking the honours in Prep IV.

In week three, it was the turn of the power, strength and coordination competitors to shine. The girls had to throw a rounders ball as far as they could do in three attempts, whilst the boys had the same task but using a cricket ball. Luca thought he had emulated elder brother Matteo to win the Prep VI event, until Alfie stepped up and threw an incredible 47 meters. Kayleigh won the girls’ competition, whilst in the other age groups the winning throws came from Leo and Angel in Prep IV, Maia and Oscar in Prep III, whilst in Prep V Tommy and Zara out-threw their teammates.

As we head into the final week of the month long competition, everyone will be tested in their muscular endurance, as they run the 600m race. In terms of the Athletic Quad competition, each age group is still wide open, with several athletes in contention to take the overall title. The current standings are shown below;

Prep VI Boys: 1 Alfie 2 Seb 3 Johnny

Prep VI Girls: 1 Molly 2 Kayley 3 Esme

Prep V Boys: 1 Tommy 2 Raj 3 Sam

Prep V Girls: 1 Maia 2 Zara 3 Ava

Prep IV Boys: 1 Lucas 2 Leo 3 San

Prep IV Girls: 1 Angel 2 Lottie 3 Layla

Prep III Boys: 1 Oscar 2 Patrick 3 Jacob

Prep III Girls: 1 Maia 2 Florence 3 Izabella

Finally, a special mention should go to Prep II, as they have completed the events too. Although they are not involved in the ISA competition, they have been put through their paces in PE lessons to see how results would compare to Prep III. Everyone participated with enthusiasm as expected, but we also achieved some amazing results from the class. Benjamin actually has more points than all the Prep III boys at the moment, whilst Isabelle and Annie would be challenging the leader board in the Prep III girls’ competition.

Good luck to all classes this week as they compete on different levels to achieve individual targets and attempt personal bests. The athletics season is now firmly a focus in lessons and during extra-curricular clubs as we look to find our strongest squad to compete in the ISA Northern Virtual Athletics Championships in June.

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