Yesterday, the Junior Gardening Club issued a challenge to all the children within our Prep Department. Working industriously, the gardeners packaged up seed packets of sunflower seeds that they had previously saved from flowers grown in the Prep garden and issued a pack to for every child.

The challenge? To see who can grow the tallest sunflower over the next few months! The seeds can be started off indoors now in small pots or containers, or planted out directly into the ground in a couple of weeks when the risk of final frosts have passed. Mr. Suter would love to see your seed’s progress, so please email him any pictures of your sunflowers growing to

Sunflowers should flower in August, so we’ll look forward to measurements of your giant sunflowers then!

Prep III have used their desk top publishing skills to design posters to advertise the challenge – we hope you like these too.

The Great Bridgewater Prep Sunflower Challenge!

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