Oliver gives the Prep garden a makeover…

At the start of term, it would be fair to say that the Prep garden was looking in a very sorry state.  Wonderful for the bees and insects, with lots of beautiful flowers on the weeds, but not looking its prettiest – lockdown had not been kind to it.

The Junior Gardeners usually spend a few sessions at the start of the autumn term preparing the ground for winter, with some winter sowings but generally just keeping the soil fed and dry ready for spring.

However, last year, we achieved our Royal Horticultural Society Level 3 Garden Award, and the prize for this was a year’s worth of plants for our garden, delivered at the start of each term.  We were due to receive one in the spring, but obviously Covid put paid to those plans.  One hundred and fifty plug plants arrived on Tuesday this week, and so there was some urgency to prepare the ground and get these planted.

Which is where Oliver comes in: keen to resume his gardening activities from last year, he worked feverishly to help get all the plug plants labelled and planted out, all 160 of them.  Thanks to his efforts, the Prep garden once again looks a credit to the school.  All we have to do now is keep an eye out for slugs…

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3 Responses to Oliver gives the Prep garden a makeover…

  1. Susan C Matthews says:

    Well done Oliver. The garden will now look lovely as the plants grow.

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  2. Miss Armstrong says:

    Well done Oliver! The garden looks fantastic! xx

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  3. Mrs Booth says:

    Oliver that looks amazing. Well done I’m very proud of you

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