Prep Magazine – Summer Lockdown Edition

Even though the Prep Department has been in lockdown, there has been some fantastic work going on throughout all the classes.  We have tried to bring you a selection of that work here – we hope you enjoy it.

Click on the link to get this edition: Prep Magazine Lockdown edition Summer 2020

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12 Responses to Prep Magazine – Summer Lockdown Edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic magazine Mr Suter, Lovely to see how hard the children have worked. Thank you for making it.


  2. Miranda Lee says:

    I really enjoy looking at the prep magazine, it was really good.


  3. Maya says:

    Thank you for the amazing magazine


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the amazing magazine! 🙂


  5. Beatrice K-L says:

    Thank you for putting my story in the Prep Magazine Mr Suter! 😁😁


  6. Sarah Louise says:

    WOW! Thanks for creating this magazine, it’s really cool Mr Suter !! Samual and Emily Mcmanus 😉


  7. Mrs Booth says:

    Fantastic magazine, Mr Suter! Well done to everyone In Prep just loved it 🙂


  8. Dravid Patel says:

    Great Work Everyone! Bit sad that I couldn’t get into my last prep magazine but congrats to people who did!


  9. Mrs White says:

    WOW! So many pieces of fabulous work. Well done children, teachers and Mr Suter!


  10. pink noodels says:

    Very creative ideas of things to do in lockdown. Great!


    • Mrs Hadgianni says:

      An amazing magazine, Mr Suter! Well done, Prep pupils and teachers.. It is a true record of a small sample of work which was achieved in school and at home during the coronavirus lockdown. For that reason, it is a real piece of history.


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