New Worsley Woods Art Installations

Today Prep VI White and Prep IV headed out into the woods to create some interesting art.  There were four groups  and each were given the challenge to make a piece of original art using only materials that could be found in the woods.  With each group finding their own unique ‘blank canvas’ area, the task began.  Each group took on their own approach.  Evie’s Group decided to opted for a sculpture of The Fire Pit, with an interesting array of logs and pseudo flames to complete their design.  The Nature Lovers were undecided; they tried several different installations, before opting for The House, a simplistic yet surprisingly complex piece that immediately made one think of the comforts of home and security, important things to cherish in the current situation.  The creation of The Giant Stick Insect was a clever choice by Creature Group led by Emma.  The group used a fallen tree as inspiration for their sculpture.  Finally, the Shovel Group found an abandoned shovel in the mud, and used this to replicate a museum piece cleverly displayed in a ‘case’ of branches.  Mr. Altdorf and Mr. Suter joined in: Mr. Altdorf’s complex Game of Life piece looked remarkably like a noughts and crosses board, while Mr. Suter’s Self-Portrait of a Primary School Teacher bore more than a passing resemblance to Shrek.

Mr. Altdorf had the unenviable task of declaring a winning group: The Giant Stick Insect.

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2 Responses to New Worsley Woods Art Installations

  1. Anya Barooah says:

    I think the Creature Group’s art was my favourite, they deserved to win; and I agree with David, this was a very fun activity!


  2. David says:

    This was a very fun activity to do and I enjoyed it a lot!


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