Recreating a Viking Long Ship

It’s always exciting for a teacher to see class projects brought in from home that have been set for homework.  What is not always appreciated is the amount of effort that goes into these projects.  Take Prep IV’s Blake, who had a very professional approach to the building of his very own Viking long ship.

How I made my Viking boat…

I made my Viking boat in my Dad’s workshop. First the template for my Viking boat was uploaded to the CNC from the computer. The CNC cut out the template in the wood. Next I sealed the wood by painting on a sealer so it would be ready to sand. I sanded the parts using an electric sander, so they were ready to paint. I used spray cans to paint all the parts of the boat. I put it together with wood glue and then left it overnight to set.

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2 Responses to Recreating a Viking Long Ship

  1. Sheila Flint says:

    Blake, well done!
    You handled those tools like an adult,
    You should feel very proud of your efforts
    Love Granny xx


  2. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing job! Well done Blake and thanks to Mr Buckle for the assistance.

    Mr Rooney


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