This morning, Pep V and VI undertook some first aid training, suggested by our Prep Council.  There have been news reports recently of children who have had first aid training coming to the rescue of friends and family, saving their lives through the training they have been given.  To this end, it was felt that first aid training would be beneficial to our children too.

Under the guidance of our trainer Jodie, we learned how to make sure an area was safe before approaching a casualty.  We learned how to check for breathing, and place a casualty in the recovery position.  To the tune of Baby Shark, we learned to do 30 compressions to 2 breaths, and finally we were able to recognise a choking victim and treat them.  Of course, if we needed help we knew our emergency services number is 999.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our children – this is apparently going to be on the National Curriculum next year, but here at Bridgewater we’re already on the ball and practising early.  Who knows?  Maybe something our children have learned today might help someone in the future.


Prep V and VI are no dummies when it comes to first aid…

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