No Double Dribble Or Travel Problems For U11 Basketball Team



With 32 Prep IV-VI boys and girls now attending Wednesday night basketball practice, the hardest part of today’s fixture was squad selection! The ISA North Basketball Tournament will take place on Wednesday 4th December and we had hoped to enter two teams into the event. Unfortunately, due to the volume of entries into the competition this looks unlikely. Therefore, the importance of a challenge match against Greenbank Prep took on extra significance. The lucky ten players chosen for the game certainly played as though they wanted to make a statement of intent. The starting five raced into an early lead and dominated possession from the tip off.

Bridgewater took control of the game, as their experience of regular practice started to pay off. The organisation in defence was good, whilst the team broke up court with pace and positivity. Bridgewater created chance after chance, with their rebounding skills and pressing game too difficult to stop. Unfortunately, the hardest part of any sport is scoring and Bridgewater found this really difficult to do. At half time Bridgewater led 6-4 with three baskets from Jaydon separating the teams. However, by this point, Greenbank had scored two of their three shots, whilst Bridgewater had scored three out of forty attempts!

Bridgewater needed to slow the game down and make more of their possession to create better chances. Greater composure in front of the basket and better decision making would help to control the game more comfortably. Much to their credit this is exactly what Bridgewater attempted to do. Molly finally scored a deserved basket, as did Matteo and Allegra. However, it was Chun- Ka who stole the show with three composed baskets to give Bridgewater a clear 16-2 win in the end.

The team can take a great deal from the game and they will be a competitive force in the ISA North Basketball Tournament at Ellesmere Sports Village on Wednesday 4th December.

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