The Prep Council do a fantastic job in our school. They act as liaison officers between their classmates, their coordinator, the Senior Management and the school Governors.

The class representatives listen to requests and ideas for improvement from their peers and bring their suggestions to our meetings every Wednesday break-time.

Evidence of their fundraising can be seen all around the school.  For example:

  • Three new adventure playgrounds for Prep.
  • A fitness park for the Seniors.
  • A Buddy Bench on the playground
  • A sandpit for Early Years.

In addition to these wonderful assets they have raised over £3000 for MNDA by having a Fun Run in school. They have supported Macmillan Cancer Research and other charities too.

All the Councillors show commitment and enthusiasm and should be recognised for the extra responsibilities that they have taken on.

Wear your badge with pride and well done!

Prep Council

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