On Thursday 3rd October, Prep V went back in time to the Victorian age at Quarry Bank Mill. We arrived on time and went straight into a discussion with the two ladies showing us around. We separated into two different groups which allowed us to take our time in every area.

Joshua and Toby started the day of by dressing up; Josh put on an apron, mouth mask, gloves and ear protectors whilst Toby was just in his shirt and pants. This was to show the children what it was like back in the 1800s and how no protective clothing was worn unlike today. Even shoes weren’t worn in the mill!  The children found out that shoes weren’t worn because of the metal on the bottom of the clogs could cause a fire.

In the next part of the mill tour, Prep V had a turn of doing some of the jobs that children had done back in the 1800s. This included carrying cylinder tubes that were filled with cotton – they didn’t carry it as far as the children in the Victorian age. All off Prep V had a turn at being a scavenger and they all changed the bobbin.

Prep V then went to listen to a man that told us all about people that had worked in the mill and what happened to them. They then listened to some machines that were working to experience how loud it much have been although it was not as nearly as loud as it used to be. From there, we went to see the water wheel that provides the power for the mill to work.

After all the children visited the shop, it was time for a much needed pack lunch. During the afternoon, Prep V visited the Apprentice House where they were put in their place by Elizabeth Shawcross. The children had to make their own Victorian beds and write the alphabet using their right hand only. They then went into the chemist where Prep V saw leeches and other types of medicine that they use to use. The children then went to the kitchen to see what the children would have eaten for breakfast, what they would cook and they also found out where they got their food from.

After that, Prep V headed to the learning centre to have a look at how the money was divided and how much money different people who worked there got. Prep V did well at guessing what objects were and what they were called.  We then went back to the coach to head back to school. Overall it was a great day of learning for Prep V.

“Trouble at t’ mill” – Prep V visit Quarrybank

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