The cold and wet weather of late could not stop 32 prep children, teaming up for round two of the Bridgewater Tag Rugby World Cup.  Australia, led by Thomas, took to the pitch as table toppers, but with some players still in the dining room they struggled to get going in the first game against South Africa. Two tries from Alfie and new signing Harper were enough to send the Aussie team crashing to a 15-0 defeat.

England continue to struggle and despite another try from captain David, two from Josh and one from Moaed gave Japan a comfortable 15-5 win. Despite players returning to the side from lunch, Australia were powerless to stop a resurgent Argentina. Craig, Henry, Harper (2) and the flying Alfie (4), all ran in tries to crush Australia 45-0. Argentina also saw off England 15-5 with scores from Matteo and Luca (2). Jackson replied for England but it was too little too late.

In the final round of games for the week, England lost to Australia 15-5. David scored again for England, but two from Toby and one from Luca B was enough to put the Australia team back in contention at the top of the league. The last game of the day was an absolute classic. South Africa edged out Argentina 25-20 with both teams excelling in their running and creativity. Two each from Luca and Matteo were countered by tries from Jaydon, Josh (3) and Moaed. The group standings going into week 3 now look like this:

Argentina 10 pts

Australia 9 pts

South Africa 9 pts

Japan 7 pts

England 0 pts

The U8 tag rugby team are in action at the MGS Tournament on Monday, whilst the U11 rugby team take part in the ISA Trophy at Manchester Rugby Club on Wednesday. It may be a good idea to watch and cheer on England as they take on Argentina on Saturday morning to pick up some tips!

Rugby World Cup Fever Beats the Cold

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