What a difference a day makes… Prep V really did wake up to bright sunshine and the birds singing on their last day in the Lake District today. A good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work, saw our little worker “Beatles” up and about ready for the final chapter of their adventure story.

Following another fine breakfast it was time to pack and tidy the rooms.  Now I’m not saying that your child is going to come back and acquaint themselves with Mr. Dyson or Henry Hoover, but they didn’t do a bad job of tidying up. In all fairness, room sizes would make it difficult to swing Jerry never mind Tom, but it certainly was a decent effort.

Checked out, bus loaded, General Sweeney led her troops out of the Windermere YH and onto the final frontier – Grizedale Forest. With the tree top challenged, the bouldering bouldered and the kayaks unable to sink this little armada, a two-hour trek through the forest would surely be no match for this merry band of men (and women). Corporal Gill led the convoy towards Coniston with the Altdorf’s in close pursuit through the winding roads, testing the stomachs of even the bravest soldier. Fortunately, the dreaded call of “man down” did not materialize and a full regiment arrived ready for the final manoeuvres.

What the planned assault on the Grizedale trail had not accounted for was the date…. Friday 13th. This was certainly causing concern amongst several of our young “Rambos.” However, as the troop set out on the trail to find Zog and his comrades in arms, the mood was relaxed and cheerful. Seb B led the charge from the front and set a lively pace. Along the march we found statues of foxes, squirrel like creatures, a huge stile and stopped at a beautiful tarn. Miranda and Kayleigh took the first watch, followed by Sabri and Nathan. Despite the alleged spotting of an alligator, nothing materialised and the group marched on. Fighter planes flew overhead, people zipped high above on the Go Ape course, but nothing deterred the group from veering off the white trail.

The six kilometre trek was complete in record time and without any major incident to report. With rations consumed heartedly, one final assault on the adventure playground was called upon, before the long haul home began. The mini bus was filled with lively debate and banter from a three day hugely successful campaign. Joel entertained us all with a story, helped by Josh, whilst a full rendition of Coldplay’s “rule the world” blasted out as we hit the motorway.

The army of Bridgewater Prep V boys and girls arrived back to base camp at 1530 hours precisely. A fabulous time was had by all and of course there will always be the odd bit of news that remains top secret to be shared by those veterans of a Bridgewater Lake District tour of duty. After all as the saying goes, “what goes on tour, stays on tour.”

Prep V residential day 5

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