Day three of Prep IV’s Castleton trip started with yet another huge breakfast. Croissants were today’s preferred choice and were consumed with a locust-like frenzy leaving only a few flakes of pastry in their midst.

After breakfast the children reluctantly traipsed back to the rooms to start the military like Operation Tidy Up, overseen by the Queen of Clean Mrs Seward.  A thorough inspection was carried out which revealed a few stray socks, lots of sweet wrappers, a water bottle and a lone pair of underpants, all in one room, not mentioning any names, although there are three house points for Raj, Alexander, Frankie and Blake for having the tidiest room ever known on a residential.

After dealing with the novelty of tidying and stripping beds, it was straight onto the battlefield for a Roman battle re-enactment. To the chants of ‘sin, dex’ (left, right) the children embraced the role play activity with enthusiasm, as did the staff who threw foam balls at the well defended army. Next up was a marching competition, followed by a further battle, which was basically a game of dodgeball with shields, this time between teams United and Banatugal (no typo, that was what they picked).

After a good team effort and minimal cheating Banatugal were victorious and ready for the next round in the best of three games. Banatugal, despite the silly name, were obviously the better team, thrashing United for a second time. The atmosphere was electric, and the staff likened it to being at a Manchester derby.  An exciting free for all game followed, which dwindled down to a fierce battle between Blake and Kian, two very strong competitors. After a tense few minutes amongst loud chanting and cheering from the crowd Kian emerged victorious. Well done Blake, you gave it your all.

Next on the agenda for Prep IV Romans was assembling catapults. After a fair bit of head scratching team United were the first to finish with time to spare. Well done Blake, Alex, Sam, Anton, Frankie, Sid and Adam.  The children daubed their faces with blue paint and the Celts faced the foam ball attack from the Roman catapults. Following this, we just had time to say hello to the sheep, pigs and goats that live at Losehill before a picnic lunch in the glorious sunshine.

The time soon arrived to say farewell. We loaded up the coach and set off back to Bridgewater. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their conduct whilst away was exemplary. Members of the public passed comments on their good behaviour. Despite a few last minute alterations in arrangements, this has been a truly memorable and enjoyable trip. The best yet. Well done Prep IV, we are so proud of you.

Day 3 in Castleton for Prep IV

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