Scrambled eggs and marshmallows – Prep VI residential day 1

The joys of traffic jams on the M60 meant that our eagerly anticipated departure from school this morning was actually delayed by half an hour, but fortunately that didn’t affect our activities once we did arrive at the Conway Centre.  Our coach driver overshot the entrance and so had to execute a three point turn in the adjacent National Trust car park – several of our students were slightly confused to see us driving straight out of the car park, especially the one was heard to utter, “Are we leaving already?”

A welcome toilet break and then lunch, which was hoovered up, and then it was time for our first activity, bush craft.  The children split into two groups – Cardigan and Nelson, Wellington and Malborough – and went with our various instructors out into the woods.  We began by building survival shelters, to various degrees of success – whether you would wish to stay in one of these is a slightly different matter!  If you would like a survival shelter with added beautification, Thea, Anya, Yasmine and Emma are the girls for you.  If you want to be told what to do while building it, Nyla’s your girl, and if you want someone to entertain you while doing it, then George’s flossing will do that for you!

We then used flints and steel to light our own camp fires and, best of all, we then got to cook on them.  Half the group made campfire drop scones, while the others toasted marshmallows – if there’s still time for a barbecue before the end of the summer, be prepared for requests!

Perhaps the most taxing activity of the day was putting duvet covers on our beds – a bit more practice required here parents – and then it was time for dinner.  Sausage and mash, pizza and chips, salads, three choices of dessert – everyone was well sated, ready for our last activity for the evening, the Egg Drop Challenge.  Given a selection of materials – newspapers, tape, string – the children were tasked with dropping an egg from two stories up without it breaking.  A variety of strategies were attempted: from the simple “let’s just wrap a big ball of newspaper around our egg and hope” to a more intricate parachute approach – only one group still had something that resembled an egg at the end of the drop.  Let’s just say it’ll be scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Which we’ve ordered already for tomorrow – we’re looking forward to Yasmine and Anya’s verdict on the kippers.  A quick debrief, and now all the children are safely tucked up, ready for a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s climbing and kayaking activities!  Good night from Conway!

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11 Responses to Scrambled eggs and marshmallows – Prep VI residential day 1

  1. Yasmeen Abou-Ragheb says:

    I loved making the survival shelters, and the best part was, that we all worked as a team.


  2. Emma Andrew says:

    My favourite activity was the via Ferrara and the staff were very friendly and helpful thank you for this amazing trip


  3. Patryk says:

    Its me Patryk and i really enjoyed the trip especially VIA Ferrata and Kayaking I think the funniest part was when me and Henry fell out of the kayak and when we got to jump into the sea at the end.thanks for everyone Who took us.


  4. Thea Birch says:

    I have been on many residential trips before but this was by far my favourite. We did a lot of activities but my favourite was via ferrata (which means iron path because of all the metal staples in the rocks). One more thing I have to say is that the food was great, and I’m a fussy eater but I loved it because there was something for everyone.


  5. Thea Birch says:

    I have been on many residential trips but this one was by far my favourite! We did a lot of fun activities but the best one was via ferrata ,(which means iron path because of all the metal stapels in the rocks.) One more thing that I had to mention was how amazing the food was. I’m a fussy eater but I really loved the food there because there is really something for everyone.


  6. Mia Heneghan says:

    I really enjoyed the trip.
    My favourite activity was the bushcraft because we got to toast marshmallows and eat scones with jam. Thank you to everyone who took us.


  7. Anya Barooah says:

    Thank you for all the hard work the teachers had put in to the residential, you made it really fun and extra special for us all. I wish it was the first day all over again.


  8. Anya Barooah says:

    Bush Craft was by far my favorite activity in Anglesey, building dens using some ropes and a waterproof sheet was really fun and dirty, we even used a striker ( some flint and steel ) to light our own fires! We also got to toast marshmallows on it and for anybody who hasn’t toasted marshmallows on a real fire before, needs to. It is even my new favorite food!


  9. Mia says:

    I really enjoyed the trip especially When we went kayaking and Veafarata thank u for every on who took us


  10. Mr Rooney says:

    Wonderful pictures! The tweets are brilliant too! I hope that day 2 was as good as day 1! Mr Rooney


    • Mia Heneghan says:

      A big thank you to all the staff at The Conway Centre for making our trip so memorable. Then food was amazing, especially at breakfast.


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