Rossall Biathlon Results for Bridgewater School 2019

On an extremely cold and wet afternoon in late April, fifteen aspiring biathletes set off to the Fylde coast to compete in the annual AJIS Biathlon at Rossall School. Seven schools were in attendance with a minimum of three competitors in each team required for entry purposes.

Bridgewater entered a Prep VI boys’ and girls’ team and a Prep V boys’ and girls’ team. In Prep VI, each competitor had to run 800m around the track, followed by a 50m swim in the pool. The order of events was reversed for the Prep V event. Each event had a field over approximately 35 entrants and everybody gave their best efforts in wet and wild conditions on the day. The stand out performances of the day from Bridgewater went to Hari and Matteo in the pool, whilst Ellen produced the best performance in the girls’ events.

The results from the event have eventually been collated and forwarded to participating schools. Below is a summary of the results achieved by Bridgewater competitors based on their combined scores from the run and the swim. Thank you to Rossall School for hosting such a unique and challenging event and we look forward to returning next year.

1          Hari                       3005 pts

2          Matteo                2828 pts

3          Ellen                      2714 pts

4          Harrison              2669 pts

5          Moaed                 2195 pts

6          Thomas                2189 pts

7           Anya                     2177 pts

8           Jessica                  2006 pts

9           Jaydon                 1823 pts

10        Holly                     1775 pts

11        Freddie                1721 pts

12        Alfie                      1547 pts

13        Oliver A               1503 pts

14        Evie W                  1324 pts

15        Nyla                      1109 pts


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