Both of the U11 A and B team played in a competitive fixture against local rivals St Marks last week. The B team were up first against a mixed opposition. Two early goals from Yasmeen helped us to take the lead but St. Marks had a good combination in the third quarter which allowed them to creep back in the game – with two goals each it was very tense. The game finished 3-3 and Yasmeen was awarded player of the match for her outstanding play.


The A team were up next and again both teams looked equally matched. Our first combination of Ellen at C, Allegra at GS and Jess at GA was working very well. Our passing was fast and effective, allowing us to score 6 goals! Our mighty defence were also stopping their very tall shooter and at half time the score was 6-3. The opposition came back at us in the second half but they could not do enough to stop us from scoring. It was a successful evening as we finished on top, winning the game 9-8. Ellen was awarded the player of the match for her tenacity throughout the whole court, particularly in defence.

Netball teams make their mark against St. Marks

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