The Salford Cross Country League reached its climax last weekend, with a final run of the 2018/19 season, at Buile Hill Park. The previous race at Bolton Road prior to the Christmas break was absolutely freezing and the numbers for the day were down across all ages from all schools. Bridgewater has ten fantastic runners in attendance for that event and there was no way they or their families were going to miss the final run.

Maya (75) was the only girl from Prep 3/4 to run in race three, but she was joined by Ava (69) and debutant Esme (53) for race four. In the Prep 3/4 boys’ race, the big talking point centred around Luca B and twin Sebastian B. Both had beaten each other in previous races with Seb edging out Luca in two out of three races. There was nothing to chose between the boys but on this occasion Luca (21) beat his brother by two places. In terms of the overall results for all four races, Sebastian can have the bragging rights for this year. Harrison (91) completed his second run of the series, whilst Anton from Prep 3 made his debut and finished in an encouraging 57th place.

In the Prep 5/6 race, there was another race within a race going on, as Tobias and Thomas battled it out for the four race honours. This time Thomas produced his best run of the series to claim a coveted 20th place and edge out Tobias in 21st. Tobias can proudly take the individual award for the best runner in the series overall and I have a feeling he will be back next year to do even better. The boys were joined by Chun Ka (59) for his second race and it was great to see Alfie (42) run for the first time in the event.

In the final race of the day and the series, the Prep 5/6 girls turned out in force, with a fabulous eight runners! Juliette (64) joined brother Anton in debuting in the race and was joined by Anya (40), Evie (39)and Yasmeen (30). This brilliant trio also ensured they have completed all races once again this year and this is a brilliant show of enthusiasm, resilience and commitment. The girls were joined once more by Evie who finished in an impressive 22nd and Freya (61),who are also integral members of the unique community of Bridgewater Salford runners. It would be wrong to ignore the achievements of two of our Prep 6 girls, Jess and Florence.

Over the last three years Jess has raced for Bridgewater in this event more than any other Bridgewater pupil. Jess was also determined to finish her final race by earning a certificate for coming in the Top 20 for one last time. She ran her heart out to come home in a well deserved 18th  place, much to her and her parents delight and relief! I am sure the meal on Saturday night was much tastier for all the family! Florence, as the Head Girl for Bridgewater Prep has set the best example possible over the last two years. Florence (63) has run in all eight races over the last two years and has shown a wonderful sense of commitment, determination and pride in representing her school. She has typified all that is good about the Salford Cross Country League, in that it is all about the challenge, the enjoyment and the achieving of personal goals.

Thank you to all our runners and their families for giving up your time of a Saturday morning. We have had 28 different runners across the age groups this year, which is approximately 30% of the cohort. A great effort overall, but I hope we can do even better in 2019/20. Cross country club takes place on a Friday lunch time and I am certain Mr Rooney, Mr Grant and Mr Suter would love to see you all there too.

Another Proud Day For The Bridgewater Community Of Cross Country Runners

2 thoughts on “Another Proud Day For The Bridgewater Community Of Cross Country Runners

  • February 4, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    It was so cold, but such fun! I came thirtieth place in the last race.

  • February 4, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    I went on the athletics trip. I came third place in the three laps. I can’t wait to go again next year!


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