Bridgewater Bs meet Chester Phoenix

The U11s basketball team travelled to Ellesmere Sports Village on Wednesday in Chester for the ISA Basketball tournament. Two teams entered and the B team consisted of Freddie, Freya, Jessica, Oliver, Paul , Chun Ka  and Dean.  The team took time to get into the swing of play with their first game to St. Joseph’s Park Hill costing them a 6-0 loss. However, the team were not defeated as they came back in their second game against Brabbans Prep to win 6-2, with Oliver creating some great long passes in order for Freya to score all three of the goals.

In the next game, their success continued with a great 4-2 win against Abbortsford, who were the team to go on and beat our A team in the semi-finals! Freya was star scorer again with both baskets, Chun Ka making some great attempts and Paul defending well. The team seemed to be playing great together until our star scorer was taken away to play for the A team due to Ellen injuring her thumb. The B team kept their heads up but unfortunately went on to lose their next game 2-0 to Ladybarn Prep.  Again, Chun Ka and Freddie had some great attempts but none were enough to secure them the win.

Before the final game the basketballers from Cheshire Phoenix came to meet our players and sign autographs for them. The B team also managed to get some great pictures with some of the players and this lifted our spirits going into our last game.

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