Day three of the Prep VI trip to Anglesey started with an early morning wake up for Mrs. Hagianni and the girls who were woken up by a chorus of “Morning has broken” from the padre of another school! All awake, it was the room inspections to ensure all rooms were cleaned, bedding stripped and bags packed. We would set off back to Bridgewater at 1.30pm, but before then there was still plenty of time for action and adventure.

After a quick rendition of ‘Baby Shark’ we all tucked into continental or full English breakfasts, whilst Alfie, Oliver A and Freddie had a go at the kippers. At first everyone thought this was a bit of a red herring but to their credit, the boys cleared their plates without really knowing what they had eaten.

It was the final rotation this morning, with one more round of traversing across rocks, kayaking around the peninsula and acquiring some bushcraft skills. The tasks were made more challenging by a down turn in the weather, with wind and rain bearing down on the kayakers and climbers.

The climbers on Via Ferrati had the worse of the conditions this week as the rock was now wet. However, Freya flew around both courses, through the tree and across the rock face. The bravery award goes to Yasmin who slipped twice and momentarily forget how to use her legs! The kayakers found the chains that were once used to anchor HMS Conway, whilst Prep VI now all know how to make a den in the woods, light a fire and make bread.

Despite the weather (even the potatoes had jackets on at lunch!), it is fair to say that a great time was had by all. North Wales and Anglesey in particular are stunning and the perfect place to experience the joys of outdoor pursuits. Everybody cemented all friendships and formed new ones, working in a harmonious and courteous manner all week. Well done to all involved in making the trip so special and impressing the instructors who, quite rightly, have a positive impression of Bridgewater School.

Prep VI residential – Day 3

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