Day two started a little earlier than the staff had hoped, with some of the boys up and on the corridors just before 6.30am. Nevertheless, the sun was also on its way up and it was going to be a busy day. Well done to all those who kick started the day in the common room with the 7 minute exercise challenge.

Breakfast was at 8.30 with a selection of cereal, porridge, continental, vegetarian and full English breakfasts on offer. Surprisingly it was the continental offering that proved the most popular, whilst unsurprisingly the kippers were left for another day.

The groups switched activities today, thus ensuring everybody had the chance to kayak, build fires and face their fear of heights.  Once again there was to be some notable successes, with many achieving things they had never done before or thought they were capable of doing.

The kayakers took a different route today and visited the Cormorant Tree. The Cormorant is an amazing bird that dives into water and can swim for up to five minutes under the water. We paddled to a 600 million year old rock to discover ancient fossils and found the most destructive of sea snails clinging to the sea walls. Across the bay we  could see the picturesque Port Dinorwic or as the locals call it Y Felimheli. In preparation for Geography in Year 7, we were shown overhanging cliffs and learned how the coastline is formed over millions of years due to the process of erosion. The expedition was topped off with a fine display of acrobatic dock diving by Ellen, Oliver B, Harrison, Lukee and Alfie.

In bushcraft, Florence, Jasmine and Freya made tents/ dens like experts, with Owen, Oliver A and Freddie not far behind. All managed to light a fire using a flint and turned their hands to bread making. Bake off here we come!  Dean overcame his fears to produce an excellent climb on the Via Ferrati as did Dina, Niamh and Daniel. Meanwhile, Jess flew up the climb twice like a mountain goat and over a more demanding route. A big shout out to Mrs. Hadgianni who clambered over a style gate with all the poise of Bear Grylls.

In the afternoon the whole group joined up to visit Plas Newydd House. The former residence of the first Earl of Uxbridge who lost his leg at the Battle of Waterloo. Henry Paget the first Lord of Anglesey actually went on to invent the Anglesey Leg…. the first wooden leg with knee and ankle joints. Prep 6 listened intently throughout the tour of the fantastic grounds and attacked the adventure playground shortly afterwards, like cavalry charging at the Battle of Waterloo.

A visit to the shop for souvenirs and gifts to take home was the prelude to tea time. The evening session gave the opportunity for our newly acquired bush craft skills to be put into action. With the camp fire lit and marshmallows toasting, it was left to Mr. Grant to recount his now infamous Grendel the Dragon story who was rampant during the reign of Henry IV.

All went off to bed thus bringing to an end another fabulous day of history, geography, science and adventure in amazing Anglesey.

Prep VI residential – Day 2

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