Earlier in the year, Prep II were learning how to search the internet safely.  One of their tasks was to find out if they could find anyone famous who shared their birthday.  Imagine Anton’s surprise and delight when he discovered that Donald Trump has the same birthday!  At the time, Prep II decided that it would be a good idea for Anton to send Mr. Trump a birthday card nearer the time and, as their birthday is 14th June, today Anton has done just that.  He also wrote him a letter, telling him about his friends in the class, what he planned to do for his birthday and hoping that Mr. Trump would also have lots of cake and presents on the day.  He also sent him an invitation: “If you are not having a party, you could always fly in your helicopter to come to mine.”  If you hear the clatter of helicopter blades near Worsley on the 14th, you know who’s coming to town!

Dear Mr. President…

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