Prep. get active for Sports relief

Last Friday, we were delighted to welcome Abigail Irozuru to Bridgewater.  Abigail is a track and field athlete, specialising in the long jump, and she gave us an extremely interesting talk about herself, her motivation and her career in a special assembly in the morning.  Each class then spent a 30 minute session with her, into which they crammed a fitness circuit, a Q&A session and received a signed certificate.  Each child was sponsored in their efforts, with proceeds going towards funding UK athletes in their Olympic hopes as well as towards our playground appeal.  Thank you, as ever, to our extremely generous parents and friends for their sponsorship.

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3 Responses to Prep. get active for Sports relief

  1. Joe Corcoran says:

    I like doing sit-ups because it will give me tummy muscles.


  2. Florence Mae Brenchley says:

    Thanks a lot for letting us have a visitor. xx


  3. Mia Hope says:

    i loved doing the exercises


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