“I don’t wanna be a tiger… I just wanna be, your teddy bear.”

There has been  a flurry of activity in the Prep. Hall today as hundreds of pre-loved teddy bears and other furry toys have been finding new homes in aid of the playground fund.  All of the toys come with a back story, many of them having been tragically left behind by previous owners.  They all require new homes – if you have plenty of love and hugs to give, pop in today to snap up your new cuddly friend.

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2 Responses to “I don’t wanna be a tiger… I just wanna be, your teddy bear.”

  1. Florence Mae Brenchley says:

    I loved choosing all the soft toys and doing the lucky dip!! xx


  2. Patrice Pritchard says:

    Excellent photos Mr. Suter! Thank you again to all our amazing Bridgewater families for their generosity. We should have phase 2 of our playground in no time with this support. Brilliant!


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