Reception use Bee Bots as an introduction to computer programming

Reception children have been using their Computing lessons to play with and explore our Bee-Bots, exciting robots designed for use by young children. These colourful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robots give the children their first experiences of programming before they move on to KS1 algorithmic activities.  In these guided play sessions, the children learned how to operate the Bee Bots before trying to complete a series of tasks, such as guiding it into its own home without knocking the blocks down, moving close to the wall without crashing and following a route to visit different farm animals.  The children had so much fun that even Mr. Smith from the Senior Dept. came to see what was going on!

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2 Responses to Reception use Bee Bots as an introduction to computer programming

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant, as well as learning new skills they are having so much fun.


  2. Patrice Pritchard says:

    What a fantastic post Mr. Suter. The children love their lessons with you! Thank you.


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