With winter approaching, most things in the garden are slowing down and preparing for a quiet time.  Not our Gardening Club members, however, as they have once more been out preparing the Prep. garden for winter.  With the beds themselves bare and cleared in preparation for our Spring planting, attention today was turned to our hanging baskets adjacent to our plot.  The old marigolds and geraniums that formed our summer planting were taken out – in the spirit of recycling, we have potted up the healthier geraniums and will try to over-winter them somewhere warm and bright – like the Prep. Library!  We’ve replaced these with skimmia plants to give us height and a central focus, surrounded by winter pansies.  These are very small at the moment, but we are hoping they will grow and give us an abundance of colour through the winter.  Eva and Maryam didn’t make these pictures – they were busy adding wallflowers to our herb bed just to give that a bit of colour over the winter months also.   If you’re passing our garden, stop and have a look to see how they’re coming along.

Gardening Club prepare winter baskets

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