Runners Required!

Following the recent  AJIS cross country event at Rossall School, we would be delighted if your child could represent Bridgewater School in a series of cross country races as part of the Salford Championships.  The competitions are open to all boys and girls in Prep III-VI inclusive.

Details for the races are as follows:

  • Saturday 4th November at Bolton Road Playing Fields, Barr Hill Ave, M6 7ED
  • Saturday 25th November at Buile Hill Park, Eccles Old Rd, Salford, M6 8GL
  • Saturday 9th December at Bolton Road Playing Fields, Barr Hill Ave, M6 7ED
  • Saturday 20th January at Buile Hill Park Eccles Old Rd, Salford, M6 8GL

There will be combined age group races at the following times:

Year 3 /4 Boys  9.30 a.m.
Year 3/4 Girls  9.40 a.m.
Distance approx. 1000m

Year 5/6 Boys  9.50 a.m.
Year 5/6 Girls  10.00 a.m.
Distance approx. 1500m

Runners can turn up on the day in their Bridgewater PE kit, run and be home within a short period of time.  Parents will be requested to bring their child to the event and take them home once the run is over.

We would really like this to be a fun challenge for Bridgewater students and we hope to be able to showcase the commitment, enthusiasm and talent of our children. Whether you are a fun runner or a club runner we would like to see you at the Salford Championships in the months ahead.

There will be a sign up sheet displayed around Prep and we would appreciate it if you could indicate the races you and your child can commit to prior to half term. The organisers of the event would prefer to have an idea of numbers but you can still turn up on the day and run if this is preferable.

If you would like any additional information please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Altdorf at school or at

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