Times Tables Mastermind

It was tense in Prep. on Monday morning as we saw the finals of the Prep. Times Tables Mastermind Competition taking place.  Every child in the department had competed in class to try to get to this place – the chance to sit in the famous black chair.  Sadly, only one from each house in each class could do so.  The competition was strong – who will forget Max from Prep I with his specialised 12 times tables putting many of the older children in the audience to shame!

After a tense competition, and some very high scoring rounds, the final winners from each class were declared.  Stanley was given pride of place for the photo – he has won the competition every year that he has entered – but well done to all our class winners.

The overall house winners were the Blue House, pictured above.


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3 Responses to Times Tables Mastermind

  1. star son says:

    Every did great! i hope Dylan have good friends.


  2. Mia Hope says:

    Well done


  3. Florence Mae Brenchley says:

    well done everyone and good luck at your new school Dylan! x


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