Wild, wet Wednesday in the woods…

It was a wild wet Wednesday morning when Prep Three donned their tracksuits and wellies and headed across the field in search of adventure. We followed our intrepid leader Mr Grant, complete with Indiana Jones hat, as he led us up the path that used to be a railway line and into the deep green world that is Worsley Woods.

On the way, we completed a scavenger hunt, finding leaves, flowers and seeds, and spotting trees that had been struck by Storm Doris. Finally, we reached the middle of the woods where we stopped for playtime and snacks – much more exciting than our normal playground!

In school, we have been reading The Magic Finger, and finding out how the Gregg family had to make a nest after they were turned into ducks as a punishment for hunting. We decided to try and make our own nest on a large scale. First Jaydon became a human compass and scuffed a circle in the ground with his welly. Next we scampered off into the woods, collecting sticks, twigs and branches and began to construct an enormous nest. We cooperated well as a team, although Hugh and Moaed enjoyed a little diversion when they created a see-saw which also doubled up as a catapult….

Eventually, the nest was done, and we all climbed in and imagined what kind of creature might like to lay its eggs there. Pondering this, we made our way back to school, leaving our art for other visitors to the woods to enjoy. Perhaps you might see it if you take a stroll?

Many thanks to Mr Grant and Mrs Hadgianni for accompanying us on our adventure. We look forward to next time!

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3 Responses to Wild, wet Wednesday in the woods…

  1. Freya Gerrard says:

    That is one big nest you have made


  2. star son says:

    The nest looks so amazing and i hope they had fun to.


  3. Mia Hope says:

    I loved making the nest


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