Third place in tense Maths Quiz regional heats


Well done to the eight pupils who battled their way through to represent Bridgewater School at the regional heats of the national Maths Quiz championship held today at Lady Barn House School.  Although intended for Year 6 children, our talented mathematicians included Juretha from Prep V and Bhargav from Prep III!  In a tense, competitive and extremely difficult competition, it was a slip on the final question that meant one of our teams – Stanley, David, Juretha and Macey – finished in third spot.  A fantastic effort from them, and everyone involved as the all the children who took part demonstrated not only great Maths skills but an excellent ability to work cooperatively as a team.  No finals this year, but well done on a super effort!

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3 Responses to Third place in tense Maths Quiz regional heats

  1. star son says:

    It was really hard when we got to the end questions and i was sweating.


  2. Dylanzhu says:

    congratulations to the people who went and got third place


  3. Mia Hope says:

    Well done


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