In Prep III we have been learning about the Easter story. Today we found out what happened when Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Everyone had the name of a disciple and we arranged two long tables so that we could all sit round. Before he sat down with his friends, Jesus washed their feet to teach them that everyone should be ready to serve, however important they might be. Jaydon, who was one of our two Jesus characters, dutifully washed Bhargav’s feet; luckily they were fairly clean!

Next Jesus broke bread and shared it out. Juliette, who was our other Jesus, broke a bread roll in two and gave it out to the twelve disciples at the table. She then gave out small cups of Ribena wine, and explained that these represented Jesus’ body and blood. Finally, we discovered which disciple was the traitor, and our two Judases, Hugh and Isabella, rushed off into the night… Well, the darkness of the cloakroom anyway.

We thought about how Jesus’ disciples might have been feeling after the meal. We decided that they would have mixed feelings – of sadness, confusion, fear and apprehension about what might happen next. To end our lesson we watched the Lego version of the story.

Although we did not have a lot of food at our Last Supper, we certainly had plenty of food for thought. We will continue our Easter  journey next week.

Prep III’s Easter story: the Last Supper

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  • May 14, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    I always do it at Easter day.


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