20170130_143606Monday , 30th January, our Prep VI classroom became a laboratory. The children were VERY excited about putting their knowledge of the heart and circulation into practice. With the help of Mrs Cameron-Ward of the senior science department, the school procured nine sheep hearts which the class examined, poked, prodded, squeezed, smelled, grimaced at and, finally, dissected. Having mapped the flow of blood through the heart and round the body on diagrams, the class was able to identify the heart’s chambers, comparing the thicknesses of the right and left ventricular walls as well as being able to explain the difference. They found entrances and exits of the chambers and could even name the great vessels and the places to where they direct the blood! Truth be told, their actual dissection was very good, making precise incisions that showed every detail of the valves and tendons.

All laboratory procedures were observed and, with hands washed and all waste disposed of in biohazard bags, the young Frankensteins headed home to thrill their parents with tales of their discoveries.

Thanks to Miss Gregory for the photographs.

Oh yes, and a Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Prep VI Science: Young Frankensteins

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