NSPCC Speak out, stay safe


As you know, the NSPCC visited our school last week and delivered their ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe.’ assembly to our children to share information about how your child can keep themselves safe from harm and to get help if they have any concerns.  It was a very worthwhile and empowering session for both children and teachers.

I am delighted to say that our school has chosen to support the valuable work of the NSPCC this term by taking part in a ‘Buddy’s Word Play’ fundraising event.  Your child will have a list of spellings to learn which will be sponsored.

Participation is purely voluntary but if you would like to support the NSPCC’s work, it would be fantastic if you could give your child permission to take part by signing the sponsor form and returning this and any money raised to school by Wednesday 8th February 2017.  If you have more than one child in school, simply put all of your children’s names at the top of one form.

By taking part in the fundraising event the children can receive different coloured badges.  To make it fun and add a friendly challenge, they can gain four coloured badges depending on the number of individual sponsor’s that they get to sponsor them.  You and your child can be proud of the fact that every penny raised makes a significant difference for children.  By supporting the NSPCC we can work together to end child abuse.

Mr. Rooney

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