It was a peaceful Wednesday afternoon in Prep Three when we heard an ominous scraping of chairs from upstairs and a distant roar, which seemed to be growing louder.  Was that shouting we could hear coming down the stairs? Suddenly our classroom door burst open and Prep Six thundered in, whooping and screaming. Swiftly, they surrounded us, and when the order was given by their esteemed leader, King Grant, the Prep Six invaders took over our chairs, leaving us cowering in our own classroom. Finally, King Grant established his authority as ruler of our territory by enthroning himself on Harper’s desk and insisting that we all recognised our new leader, “All hail King Grant!”

As suddenly as they arrived, Prep Six left us (one of them muttering something about invading the Computing room in the Seniors), but not before one of them snatched Anya’s cuddly cat and all of them had dropped their litter, leaving clear evidence of their visit so that we would not forget our unwelcome guests.

Once we had reclaimed our chairs, we discussed how we felt about the invasion. Isabella said she was “shocked… they rushed in like bears or a bulldog roaring!” while Toby reported feeling “scared and uncomfortable.” Anya was “petrified and frustrated,” and Bhargav was “confused and frightened.” We wondered if the Celts in Britain felt similar emotions when the Romans invaded their land in 55 BC? Like the Celts, we were unable to defend ourselves successfully against invaders who were stronger and had a much larger army than our own.

We are looking forward to learning more about the Romans, especially on our trip to Chester in February when we all hope to join the Roman army. We just hope they don’t enrol us for twenty five years like real Roman soldiers back in the days of the empire…..


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6 Responses to Invasion!

  1. Hari Basu says:

    The invasion of the Romans looked scary but messy as well, Im glad iv never seen a real Roman before.


  2. moaed says:

    it was weird at the begining, and better at the end.


  3. Juliette Scowcroft says:

    I thought it was fun at first but they took us off our chairs and that made me really mad.


  4. Mia Hope says:

    It was very scary and funny


  5. Mr Rooney says:

    What a brilliant (but scary) history lesson for all. Outstanding work everyone! I am locking my office door!
    Mr Rooney


  6. emma says:

    This day looks fun


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