Prep III’s Biscuit Stonehenge

9As part of our history topic, we have been learning about Stonehenge. Although archaeologists have found out many things about the site, it remains a mystery and there are many unanswered questions. Why was it built? Who built it? What did early man do there? How did they move the enormous stones so many miles?

Stonehenge took about 1500 years to build, so Prep III decided to save time and build it out of biscuits. We started by mixing green icing as grass. Chocolate bourbons made excellent trilithons, and we took turns to balance them carefully with icing as glue, then arranged them in a horseshoe shape. It was rather like playing Jenga – a steady hand was vital! For the smaller bluestones we used chocolate fingers. Early man brought the blue stones from Pembrokeshire in Wales, but ours came from Tesco and thankfully were not quite as heavy as the four ton originals.

Once Stonehenge was built, we admired our work -briefly – then set about eating it, to create the ruined site which tourists flock to visit. By lunch time, all that was left of biscuit Stonehenge was sticky fingers and happy faces… Fortunately we took photos so you can see our masterpiece.

The real Stonehenge can be seen in Wiltshire in the Southeast of England.

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2 Responses to Prep III’s Biscuit Stonehenge

  1. Mia Rudkin says:

    I loved making the stone henge


  2. Aysha Rajpura says:

    i loved doing this it was fantastic and it was yum yum in my tum.


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