Thieving lemurs and unusual ducks – Prep V residential

20160921_132229A new record was set on the Prep V residential trip last night – all the children were (finally) asleep by 12.15am!  As a bonus, none of the children awoke until 6.40am.

The South Lakes Safari Zoo was our destination yesterday and we watched the giraffes and lemurs getting fed. One lemur in particular took a liking to Lyall!  Possibly the attraction was due to the grape in his hand, which was swiftly pinched.  We watched a plump leopard eating a rabbit snack and Miss Cary mistook the swimming penguins for a strange kind of duck.  The thick clouds came rolling in, but the rain held off until we were sitting comfortably in the lounge.  There was a beautiful storm, which Mrs. Seward mistook for a dishwasher, as the room was so cosy, she didn’t even realise it was raining.   Enjoy the pictures – hopefully there will be more to follow tonight although, as we discovered with last week’s Prep VI trip, internet coverage in the Lakes is sporadic.

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1 Response to Thieving lemurs and unusual ducks – Prep V residential

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was a cool trip


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