Prep Three Stone Age Workshop

7Do you know how long ago the first people lived in Britain? How did they survive? What did they eat? Did they really wear tiger skins like on “The Flintstones” cartoon?

We found out the answers to these and many other questions during our Stone Age afternoon with History expert Del Bannister. We started be examining artefacts, and guessing what they were used for.

We enjoyed sketching the artefacts and produced some excellent pictures.

We also looked at the food that early man would have eaten. We learnt that the first Britons were hunter gatherers, and ate seeds, nuts, beans and berries. We recognised some from our own kitchens, including lentils and cranberries.

Finally we tried to guess what early man would have worn. We thought the woolly mammoth fur would hav been especially cosy!

Can you spot a skin scraper, an axe head, a water pot and throwing stones for killing animals?

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2 Responses to Prep Three Stone Age Workshop

  1. Mia Rudkin says:

    I really loved looking at all the pots, stones and everything the teacher brought in. I learnt so much. I never knew that the Stone Age was 2 million years ago.

    Thanks to the teacher for coming in.


  2. Aysha Rajpura says:

    Oh yes we learns about the Stone Age this women came in to teach us we learns this paolithic Mesolithic and the neolithick!!!!!!!


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